• BlinusKnuckles

6 hours ago

Well , it’s time to say goodbye to the value of the dollar . More money we print and give away , the less valuable our currency is . Depression 2.0 on its way .


21 minutes ago

All our elected officials have destroyed -We the People, freedom, society, Liberty, justice, families, and democracy. Yet those elected officials are the only ones allowed to commit violence, rig elections, manipulate legal justice, and print money with unlimited access to any amounts of money they want.


2 minutes ago

If they destroyed it then you never really had it, wouldn’t you say? And what exactly do you mean by “officials”? Do you mean “officials” in the since of a master or an expert, which?


14 minutes ago

We said goodbye to it a long time ago when they stopped being backed by gold. It has always had a made up market value since then.


4 minutes ago

Bah…I’ve been hearing about the US dollar being worthless soon as long as the internet has been around, Hasn’t happened yet.

  • krozenek

4 minutes ago

It’s time to stop paying taxes. We get nothing but grief for our money and then they send it to everyone else. Had enough. I’m going to start sending them bills instead of tax returns!


2 minutes ago

This guy just keeps asking for billions and we just keep giving it to him. Its almost as if Zelenskyy has dirt of Biden. That would explain the MASSIVE UNPRECEDENTED effort to not allow us to see the contents of the laptop. Nah, I’m just a “conspiracy theorist” I guess…


31 minutes ago

One thing Brandon has been GREAT at (for 50 years!). Spending other people’s money.


20 minutes ago

All our elected officials have destroyed -We the People, freedom, society, Liberty, justice, families, and democracy. Yet those elected officials are the only ones allowed to commit violence, rig elections, manipulate legal justice, and print money with unlimited access to any amounts of money they want.


6 hours ago

I think that if This administration wanted this war to end it would be over. There are some reason that they don’t want it to end whether it be to distract from another political agenda, or are being blackmailed by Ukraine, this war has gone on too too long.

  • SouthFLGuy44

20 minutes ago

You seriously think that Ukraine and the US want this to continue? Please.


20 minutes ago

I agree. I do not know what their end game is. Once this war has ended, I’m sure we will poor billions more into rebuilding and that is where democrats will line their own pockets once again.

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20 minutes ago

What’s happening in Ukraine is sad. However, the US needs to take care of ourselves first. The billions we are sending could be used for infrastructure, education, and securing the border here.

  • craniax

6 hours ago

I said at the beginning of the Russia invasion that the US either should go full throttle against Russia or stay the heck out of the conflict. What I was afraid would happen is exactly what we are doing. Just enough to prevent Russia from taking Ukraine, but not enough to actually expel them for good. So in the process we are running low on stockpiles of our own weaponry while sending them billions of dollars at a time when we are greatly in debt.


1 hour ago

The correct choice was and is to negotiate neutrality for ukraine, and keep NATO away from Russia.


30 minutes ago

There is no way we are low on stockpiles of munitions of war. The amount we spend on the military here dwarfs the entire GDP of most countries. If anyone is telling you this its fearmongering. I’m not saying giving them a blank check is the right thing either, but thats straight misinfo


30 minutes ago

The U.S. has seen few wars lately and especially under Biden that the politicians have not wanted to have the U.S. become involved in. Latest handout to Zelensky and Ukraine – more U.S. borrowed and taxpayer funded dollars, more U.S. and NATO supplied military hardware disappearing and likely into the hands of groups which will eventually use them against both entities. No mention by either Biden, U.S. Congress members, or NATO about Zelensky being a dictator and almost none about Ukrainian corruption.


37 minutes ago

DEMS shut down the govt in 2018-2019 (longest shut down in history) because Trump asked for $5 billion for border security.

DEMS and RINOs just gave Ukraine an ADDITIONAL $45 billion for their border security.


2 minutes ago

Dems offered 25 billion in exchange for the Dreamers Act. Trump turned it down. Trump also said, on video, that he was responsible for the shutdown.

Not even a good try.


6 hours ago

How much more debt will America incur for this? We’re being actively invaded at our southern border, yet we’re shipping billions overseas for a problem Europe should pay for.


6 hours ago

Both Biden and Zelensky are ignoring their people and what their true will is.

The press keeps saying that Russia will fall any day now and that we must keep sending over tens of billions to keep this going. Money, money, money!

Ukraine’s infrastructure, buildings, etc. is going to be destroyed when this war is over. I seriously doubt Ukrainian citizens want to go that far and lose thousands more lives.

  • Leftist_Are_Biden_Diapers

6 hours ago

Zelensky will send a bill for a couple of trillion dollars to rebuild Ukraine and the swamp creatures in DC will happily approve in a heartbeat. But spending $1 for America will take forever.


5 hours ago

Imagine Ronald Reagan waking up to find his Party questioning if the country should continue to support efforts to stop a Russian, yes Russian, invasion. This is the time to show the country that our huge military budget, which continues to grow, is not a complete waste. But the Party of no ideas has decided that maybe Russia should just expand. China next?

  • yagottavoteamr

3 hours ago

In Reagans day, we didn’t have Tent Cities in California. Americans slept in houses, not on the sidewalks. Parents weren’t worried about their childrens school district and whether they would become trans.


31 minutes ago

Perhaps some of us have learned from history. Did the democrats learn nothing from the Vietnam war? We spent billions of dollars and lost 58,000 men for….nothing. After we pulled out in ’75, Saigon fell and south vietnam became communist like the north. All the while the war was going on, the military and our government kept telling us that we were “winning.” Then the “pentagon papers” came out and we learned the truth.


2 minutes ago

Ukraine has been a part of Russia for centuries ! We are no longer capable of being the worlds policeman ! This is not our concern !