• I also had a stroke several years ago and am almost back to 100%. That is not the point. Fetterman is at a high risk of having another stroke within the first year and should be recuperating now and working on his health (his policies and flip-flopping aside).

When his opening debate comment was “good night everyone“, it said a lot about his condition. One can feel for his disability as the man struggles to complete a coherent sentence even with a teleprompter in front of him. So it’s going to hard to make persuasive arguments in the senate.

He is doing what means the most to him right? It is not just about politics it is his way of life to help people. Hopefully the rigors of a thankless job will not cause a repeat but he has the determination to represent ALL of the people and do that well for his state. What more could you ever ask …

People voted with their emotions rather than logic. Kind of like how we ended up with our current president.

Poeple in PA simply proved that people should have to take an IQ test before being allowed to vote.

Fetterwoman’s election is Exhibit I against early mail-in voting, especially when it begins 4-6 weeks BEFORE election day. Fetterwoman hid the severity of his illness by hiding in his basement and refused to debate until 10/25 – after over a million votes were cast. It would be interesting to know..


More crime is coming to Pennsylvania .   He a democrat crime is up in the USA