Who Are The Guilty?

Pornography – It Can Be Your Dessert




 View of the restaurant and of the adult store window display in Philadelphia             


Is it you that is guilty?



Do you go out with friends and family in Center City Philadelphia? For a night on the town, dinner, maybe take in a show, or clubbing. Have you stopped to take notice of your surroundings? I went to dinner with friends to a trendy restaurant in Center City Philly it was a nice night and we didn’t want to wait any longer to be seated so we sat outside. The one couple I was with was traveling and had their 5 year old daughter with them. Boy she is amazing she is already learning to read and she started to read all the signs and store names around us. When she did not know the word she would let us know and we would help her figure them out. This made it so we were more aware of our surroundings than normal. As we sat there we noticed one store on the block it had a window display of adult oriented merchandise, videos, a mannequin wearing a harness, underwear, books, and assorted other merchandise. Across the street was another adult store – an adult cinema. These stores right there side by side with a computer store and restaurants. This started a conversation at our table. If you have read my past columns you know that I worked in an adult bookstore for 10 years and I do not think it is right what they get away with. Others at my table had never been in a bookstore until that night. We split up into groups and went into these stores, after all we did have a 5 year old with us and she was not going in. No one with my party had ever been in these stores including me. We went into the one that had the de – moralizing window display. The items in the front of the store were normal for an adult toy store. Then we went in the back room where there were peep shows. It appeared to be a busy night in the peep shows older men having sex with young guys. Some of my party was appalled to think that this went on; others felt it was not right but figured it must be legal if they were granted a license to run the store. While we were there the clerk screamed back to make sure there is money in the booths; looks like this type of behavior by a clerk is a standard for these stores. Some of the patrons in the store stopped what they were doing and put a few more bucks in the machines others were preoccupied if you know what I mean and ignored the clerk. I am sure the clerk knew exactly what was going on back there; all he said was more money.

So as we regrouped at our table in front of the restaurant finished our dessert and coffee some of the guys that had been in the bookstore walked out and past our tables. The wife of one of my friends said do you think he at least washed his face and hands before leaving? Think of the contamination that walked by us from this store. If they were there once having anonymous sex I am sure they were there before.

So I ask again who is guilty?

The clerk for doing what his boss tells him to do and just makes sure the money is flowing in the machines?

The store owner, for telling his clerk to let the illegal sex go on as long as the money is flowing ignore the rest?

The city zoning officials, who gave them a license to open the adult store and never make sure that these illegal acts do not go on. The same officials that put family oriented stores in the same row right next door to the stores that break the laws.

The police that should stop these Illegal acts and perhaps make sure that window displays are not so racy.

Large TV and newspaper companies who do nothing about this even after being told what is going on illegally in these stores. At least they could report it and help law abiding citizens know what is going on. As I have been told by these companies’ people do not want to hear about that, it is not news worthy. 

Or is it you and me the patrons of the city who do nothing about what we see when laws are being broken?

We need to save our children and the innocent now. Make it so it is ok for a 5 year old to ask what is that in the window and you to be able to answer truthfully. Or what do they do in that store? Fight this demoralization of our country now! Do you know someone that frequents these stores advise them to get a blood test as soon as possible. Help them by finding a way for them to break this bad habit. We do not need our healthcare rising. We need law abiding citizens. 

If you know of places that allow these acts to go on, contact your local and state officials and report it. Get groups together to stop this. Make sure people running for office know this is a major problem in our communities and country and we the citizens and voters want it stopped.

Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and get this on the ballot in the commonwealth of Pa and in every state. Let the people decide if this is what we want to go on. Let’s clean up our country and STOP THIS CRIME NOW! 

Story By John S De Santo I