Congress passed a bipartisan gun control bill in June after a spate of mass shootings

• I am so fed up of people willing to give up their rights for the promise of security from the government When has the government done anything right? The last assault weapons ban was allowed to sunset because it was ineffective in reducing gun violence.
It makes political hay for the left, and that’s all they care about.
o mwilkinson4
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity…

The focus on assault weapons even when they’re not involved tells you all you need to know. They want to rid the citizenry of their ability to resist government, not end everyday gun violence.
o justinplayfair
Yep, when they propose a “solution” that obviously won’t fix the problem you know that fixing the problem isn’t really their goal.
Spot on! They do not actually care about these shootings. They want to take away the final piece of the puzzle keeping them from having ruling power over the people.
• brianr4k
As long as Democrats keep blaming firearms instead of people the problem will never be resolved. But that’s what they want. It’s what they NEED. They DON’T want crime and shootings to go down simply because they want more excuses for useless “gun control” laws. It has nothing to do with savings lives.

o opwe01044

Exactly! People who kneel at the alter of baby killing do not really care about life itself.

Wake up people. The last “assault weapons ban” would have banned the most popular handgun in the world. They are going after everything not just AR15s

Why do we ask for gun control laws after every gun related assault but never ask for hammer control Laws after a hammer attack!? Come on man. We don’t need less guns we need more legally carrying folks so that we can defend ourselves from These comrades that think laws don’t apply To them.
Right, especially after the Pelosi assault!
Just another excuse for the communist dems to take our guns away. Biden could care less about the victims who were shot.

I’ve got news for Brandon! The Second Amendment! A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed….
The citizens of this country would be well served to read part 29 of the Federalist Papers
o doddlebug
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If this happened in NYC he’d be released by now without bail.
o pixeleffects
Or SF or LA or any liberal run city.

It doesn’t matter how many bans you put in place. This lunacy will continue and liberal policies to reduce protection of self for citizens and release crazed monsters with no bail will only lead to more crime with guns. Good luck getting the Supreme Court to uphold this ruling
To be fair, we can’t really expect Biden to grasp the facts and understand what actually happens in America. He just repeats bits and pieces of what he hears. His staff is worse.
• dennisinwv
It is not guns. It is violent people committing violent acts.
For the most part, a violent certain type of people. The puzzle is almost always easy to solve.