One Twitter user commented, ‘What a strange way to speak and think’


Twitter users called out teachers’ union boss Randi Weingarten for her reaction to the news that Brittney Griner was being released from Russian prison, which specifically mentioned that Griner was gay and Black.

While celebrating the news, the head of the American Federation of Teachers mentioned how Griner is a “gay, black woman,” leaving many people scratching their heads as why that description was necessary following the news of the release of the WNBA player.

The Biden administration negotiated the release of Griner from Russian prison in exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout from U.S. custody. Some critics pointed out the proportionality of the deal, claiming that Bout was a notorious criminal seeking to kill American citizens when he was arrested and that U.S. could have sought more Americans freed in return for him.


52 minutes ago

Randi Weingarten gets paid $500K a year to Indoctrinate your children into the Woke World! She supports Gender Identity Training and In Class Drag Parties for Elementary School Students!


13 minutes ago

She can say what she wants, but under her leadership we are now 24th in overall education, 30th to 38th in literacy and math. The vast majority of our 8th graders are functionally illiterate.

Her post is a very good indication as to the why.

  • yrrab24

38 minutes ago

That is why public schools should be shutdown.


1 minute ago

Randi Weingarten is going to hang alongside Fauci and Walensky for crimes against humanity for what they did to the children.

This woman says nothing of quality, ever. How does she keep her role? Hard to believe teachers pay union dues to keep her.


39 minutes ago

Democrats love her. She thinks like they do.


14 minutes ago

they get their tenure and pensions for life – they would pay dues to a corpse


44 minutes ago

“Equity” in a nutshell folks. This path may be our country’s demise. 😎


23 minutes ago

Sadly, you may be right!

  • starjeanla

20 minutes ago

It will certainly bring Armageddon.

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8 minutes ago

No wonder our educational system is crumbling. Weingarten contributes absolutely nothing tangible to the betterment of students attending school in America. Sadly, she is completely void of any moral character; not the kind of leader parents are demanding.


43 minutes ago

She/He/It was just saying the quiet part out loud!


37 minutes ago

This entire fiasco is just a small drop compared to the OCEAN of fraud, deceit, lying and out right treason that the existing Biden Administration has propagated for the past 2 years.

It is just disgusting. As they say, what goes around, comes around. – and boy is there a long line of people that are going to get theirs.

  • spidergc

31 minutes ago

The Democrats are upset because Randi just admitted the reasons they worked to get her out before Paul.


27 minutes ago

I’d say Weingarten should stick to what she knows best, but there isn’t anything she knows best.


25 minutes ago

Classic post!!



47 minutes ago

Because the description is what is important to the Biden Administration. The USA is a big joke today.


23 minutes ago

I’m totally embarrassed!🤬


18 minutes ago

Defund public schools aka Indoctrination Centers. Give parents tax rebates for homeschooling or the private school their choice.