We Were All Children Once

Pornography – What Happened To Our Morals?


 As children we all go through different adventures and take different paths to become who we are today. We dream of what we want to become. For many young boys the dreams are a Policeman, Fireman, Astronaut perhaps a Teacher, Politician, a member of the Clergy. For the men who go to the adult bookstores did they see dreams of becoming a sexual predator? Did they see something as a child that made them want to take this path? Perhaps they caught a parent or grandparent cheating with a neighbor. Maybe it was an elder in the community inappropriately groping themselves or another person in front of the child. Ok now speed time to make the child 18 years of age or older and wanting to act on these things. They go into an adult bookstore / peepshow or theater and here they can act on these feelings that they have. They can have sex with anyone that walks in and in front of anyone that walks in as long as they keep the money pumping into the machines. Who are the loser and winner in this scenario? The people going into the stores to have sex in the public: they are fulfilling a fantasy or perhaps it is now their reality having random sex with anonymous men passing and contracting diseases’ with each other and taking it back to their families. Yes many of these men have family’s wives and kids at home with a white picket fence in the suburbs. These stores make it easy for them to live out feelings and acts which would normally be considered homosexual yet if you ask them they are not gay, they are not even bisexual they believe that they are straight and that having sex with other men in these stores is normal and a given right. Is the loser or winner the store owner? I do not think so the law officials do nothing about these stores otherwise they would not be in business. Sex in businesses that are open to the public is a crime – yet it continues and the store owners make more money than most people do in their paychecks. Is the winner or loser the families of these men? The families who maybe contract deceases because it is brought home by their father and perhaps die from the decease. Or the families with kids that have started cutting school, taking drugs and worse yet are killing others. Could this have been stopped by having a father who spent time at home instead of in the illegal stores? Is the loser or winner the law officials and government agencies that collect taxes from the illegal funds made in these stores? Or the law officials / agency workers that collect paychecks from our hard earned tax dollars but they allow the illegal acts to go on? Perhaps the winners are the insurance companies and health care industry that get to make money from the deceases that would not be passed around nearly as rapid if these stores were closed down. Or is it the child that is now growing up in a beautiful neighborhood perhaps in your community that will soon be able to go to the local adult store and continue this behavior. If we do not stop this NOW, these stores will be in every neighborhood, from the city, the suburbs even rural and county side America. Just think it was not that long ago that It was harder to get pornography, now our kids have it in front of them every time they log onto a computer and into the internet. I believe that we are all the losers for allowing this to go on and not standing up for our rights. We pay our taxes in hopes of living in a first class nation that will not exist if we continue to pull our morals down. There was a slogan that was used during our last presidential election Joe – The Plumber. Soon Joe will not exist it will instead it be Sam the Sex addict.

We need to fight this now! Do you know someone that frequents these stores advise them to get a blood test as soon as possible. Help them by finding a way for them to break this bad habit. We do not need our healthcare rising. We need law abiding citizens.


If you know of places that allow these acts to go on, contact your local and state officials and report it. Get groups together to stop this. Make sure people running for office know this is a major problem in our communities and country and we the citizens and voters want it stopped. 


Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and get this on the ballot in the commonwealth of Pa and in every state. Let the people decide if this is what we want to go on. Let’s clean up our country and STOP THIS CRIME NOW!

 Story by John S De Santo I

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY