That is what the swamp wants you to think. Make no mistake, the swamp is still running the show. Trump is trying to dismantle the swamp. We have to dismantle the elitist swamp. More taxes, higher inflation and less ownership, it’s exactly what the World Economic Forum wants for the non-elite.

Though I agree with you the fact is the swamp elite and media bias has rued the day. Trump is damaged goods – perceptually there is no argument. Once they get Trump out of the way just watch what they do to Desantis. Unfortunately however, Trump May end up doing it for them

Whichever non-establishment politician becomes the nominee will suffer the same fate as Trump from the Democrats, lame stream media and all never Trumpers. Their irrational reaction has nothing to do with one man or woman.

Dude, get over it. Trump only cares about Trump. I voted for the guy twice but I’m done after how he reacted in Georgia in 2020. He could have won the Senate for Republicans but instead reacted like a petulant child. A lot of the misery this country is going through could have been avoided. Tr…

Trump was great as he spoke out against the machine. But if he is going to start creating chaos and slander a guy like DeSantis now, he has officially lost his mind. He is going to start challenging Madonna for craziest internet behavior. Cultivate DeSantis as a VP candidate at the very least. Trum..

Trump knows what he’s doing. Something is definitely up or it’s political theater and he’s baiting the fake news.

Absolutely Trump needs to take himself off the front page and graciously support the next movement. Unfortunately, he is incapable of this and may destroy the party.

Not exactly sure whats up with all the anti Trump stuff on NY Post, but its false ideology because has way more supporters than anyone in the Republican party. If he ran for president again, he would have a better chance at winning than anyone else because we’ve seen how great he rant he country be…

He may win the primary, but he would not win a general election. He would unite the left in opposition like no one else can. He would lose independents and many moderate.

They (GOP) don’t want Trump to run because winning is not in their interest. What ever deals they’re mankind behind close doors, God help us. They didn’t back Trump in 2016. Trump is his own man. The only reason Trump won was because Americans backed him. The NYP got their marching orders already…….