Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus has held the job for about a year

johnqgalt991 He’s been told to fall on his sword and serve as a lightning rod for the administration. High enough to make people think something real is happening, low enough that it won’t make a difference. If you really want to know if this is really significant, just watch to see what his next job is. If …
EarnedlLiving Your perspective is disturbingly spot on!
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gweezle Was he someone who was starting to see the light as far as the border situation goes? Did he simply grow a conscience and decide he wanted to do things the right way? what a world we live in when people who simply want to do things the way things should be done is vilified. But the full story is not out and I may be coming to assumptions too quick. But Mayorkas himself is a literally a disease and should’ve been gone long ago.
Fox_ShadowBanned_My_Last_ID35 minutes agoThrown under the bus as cover for MyDorkis. The problem starts at the top…
DespotsCoerce33 Yeah. He is to be the scapegoat for this administration’s failures. He said it himself, he was bringing forth responses from the men and women in the field. I’m sure Mayorkas didn’t like that. In addition, some other “official” said they’d be in a meeting and he would bring up “side bars” that were not discussed in the meeting. I’m guessing that would be the only way he could address the real issues the policy was causing. Again, not a YES man. And Mayorkas doesn’t like that. #scapegoat
• logiceveryone So was he trying to enforce policies Mayorkas was not in favor of, or unable to make Mayorkas policies work? One way or the other, it appears they are trying to make him the fall guy. Mayorkas needs to go.
metman21 should be the next to go or at the very least, be impeached right out of the gate.
pawpawof63151 s all Brandon’s plan
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midgewright I think that the Biden administration should have just left everything the way it was when he took over…the border, pipelines, Afghanistan, foreign policies, everything. This country would not be in the shape it is now if he just did NOTHING.
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12calif9a 107,000+ Americans in 2021 dead from drugs by Cartel enterprise using an open border. Korea & Vietnam wars deaths after years of fighting are roughly the same amount. Apparently, the number doesn’t fall under Homeland Security.
The_Chronicles_of_Corn_Pop1 hour agoOnly the Legislative Branch has the constitutional authority to regulate immigration. The Executive Branch’s duty is to preserve, protect and defend our sovereignty; doing the opposite is BLATANT TREASON.
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Nonnie51 Magnus was a VERY POOR CANDIDATE judging from his interview in the Senate. Good BYE. The real problem starts at the top however. I am sure the reason for his dismissal is not just bc so many have crossed the border, just an excuse. He just filled one of their “special” categories of hires.. MAYORKAS should go first as he is one who says the Border “IS SECURE”. He and His Boss SHOULD be RELIEVED OF DUTY…
RationalObserver538 Magnus was a lousy pick for this job but one that would be expected of this administration. He supports sanctuary cities/states and opposed Arizona’s tough immigration law when he was Tuscon, AZ police chief. Apparently, several CBP execs threatened to quit if Magnus was not fired.
o hayring Magnus has served his purpose; a warm body to throw under the bus at the most opportune time. Insulate Mayorkas, Harris, & Biden from the immigration disaster.
• MontauktheEnd2 Just remember that lieutenant colonel Stuart Scheller was the only one who lost his job after the disastrous withdrawal of the United States forces in Afghanistan. I’m sure this man is just another token.
davel3272 He was probably told he was the token and he told them to take a hike. Probably a negotiation tool to get a better package. Not sure if government employees can get a package on the way out the door.
o intotheabyss1 I got really excited when I thought Mayorkas got kicked to the curb but I should have known they’d find some sacrificial lamb to take the fall for the mess at the border. Here’s a clue – FINISH THE WALL AT THE BORDER.
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2rogerl12 Apparently he WANTS to do his job, but that doesn’t mesh with their policy. Alejandro Mayorkas is the one that should be fired.
Broken_Toaster_Review6381 hour agoAlejandro Mayorkas said in an interview he works 18 hrs a day…doing what exactly? Pushing the papers around on his desk?
idconservative1 Right after biden, Harris and Pelosi
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elusa9812 Mayorkas is the one who should be fired he took an oath to protect and defend against foreign and domestic enemies. The border is open and we are being lied to by him.
wherearewegoing Your words are so true! This is one time I wish I was a Democrat so I could vote thumbs up more than once!!!!
tlk3331 He needs to be impeached! Remove him completely, never to return again!
• spartan8441 The whole leadership chain from Mayorkas to Magnus should resign or be fired to include their deputies, advisors, lackies and front office support staff. They have abandoned their oath to the U.S. Constitution and ignored the law.
• mrmaxx2 He probably tried to enforce the law. That is why he is getting fired.
orcasguy Do you see ANY evidence that ANYBODY tries to enforce the laws?
o MontauktheEnd2 I guess he used the wrong pronouns in a meeting…