Adult theaters, adult bookstores and peep shows

If this is the first time you are reading my column then you most likely do not realize that I worked in the Adult Porn industry for 10 years. During this time I learned how it is helping to destroy humanity as we know it and I am sharing with others what I have learned in hopes of saving even just one life.
Glory holes have been around for a long time. I am not sure if anyone has ever tracked back to where the first glory hole was introduced but I can tell you they are making a lot of money for store owners that have them. If you are not sure what a glory hole is here is one definition. You can find many more on the internet – A ‘glory hole’ is usually a waist high hole drilled, punched or filed in a wall between stalls in a public restroom or adult bookstore (peepshow); through this hole one man will insert his genitals for sexual contact with another person.
When I say they are making lots of money I mean that per hole in many of these stores they are making a few thousand dollars per week; at the store I worked at it was about 3 – 5 thousand dollars per week per hole. Sex for Money! Many of the places that have these holes will have multiple booths with holes in their stores. With the internet many of the people who frequent these stores will go onto sites that let them blog about what and where they do what. They will advertise these stores and exactly what they have done there. So people who may not have found out about these places in the past now are on the internet and run across them, perhaps out of curiosity or some strange sexual desire they go to the store and try them out. Unfortunately most of these people do not have protected sex when using a glory hole and part of the reason glory holes exist is so that you can have anonymous sex. Anonymous unprotected sex can really only lead to one thing; people catching many sexually transmitted deceases and giving them to others. Now many of these deceases can be treated and you won’t die others on the other hand are very deadly and can kill others who do not realize that they are vulnerable to these deceases like the wife who is trying to make a family with what she thinks is a loving devoted husband. Unborn children that really never have a chance to live a normal life because their father had to go have sex at a book store. It is really sad to think this continues to go on and law officials do not stop it. If it is illegal in many countries to have public sex why do we give these stores license to offer this to the public? When you call officials they tell you that it is legal or that they can do nothing about it. It is illegal and if we are paying officials with our tax dollars to stop crime this one is easy to stop close down the stores. If the officials will not close them down then fire the officials and get people in that do their jobs and not just collect a paycheck.
If we want to have these places legalized then let’s vote on it get it on the ballot and see what the majority of citizens want. If it turns out to be legal put them in every mall and coffee shop.
Let people realize currently not only are the shop owners conducting illegal acts by having these but the counties, states and country are also illegal as they collect sales tax from the money these holes are making. Our health insurance will continue to rise as more people become infected with decease and say that they have never been to or know anyone that has ever been to one of these places.
Let’s stop this now before it is too late. I know it costs a lot to stop something that has gone on for so long but it costs more when you lose a loved one for something that we can prevent.
Contact your local, state and country law officials today make them do their jobs. More information can be found on my website look at the front page, links and stories from people who are joining the cause for War Against Pornography.
As always it is all about the money

Story By John S De Santo I