As I see the headlines about the corruption and look back at the years I spent working in a adult book store located on the “Corridor of Crime” in south west Philadelphia. I wonder many things, what happened to these people that frequent the back room, were they molested as children? Did they learn from a parent or other relative could they really be born this way? Something must happen to these people that makes them just want to have sex with anything that shows up either face to face or through the hole in the wall. Many of the guys that go to these stores all the time are what most of us would consider normal everyday Fathers Brothers, Co-workers and Friends. You would look at them and never think they have this secret life. A life that not only puts them at health risk jeopardy but also everyone that comes in contact with them. There is no discretion with these guys. They feel a little hot under the collar they run to the book store to satisfy their sexual hungers. They don’t care who sees what they do when they are there or do they care who they do it with. Many of the store owners have cameras and microphones that record what is going on in the store. As they tell their employees it is to make it safer for you. Part of the reason I left where I worked is because my side of the conversation I had on my personal phone calls that were being made on my cell phone were being recorded. Every conversation in the building is held on a hard drive in the store and many of them were listened to by the owner of the company. I guess he feels it is ok to have sex in a store open to the public but my rights were infringed on for doing my job as a sales clerk. It makes me wonder what they are really trying to hide in these stores well perhaps if the FBI does the investigation fully and not just focus on the 2 stores on the strip known as the “Corridor of Crime” they will look into the adult book stores that are right there with the strip clubs they have already reported in the news.    

story By John S De Santo I