The Corridor of Crime – Passyunk Avenue

Pornography – Who’s Next?



It has been 5 months since I was finally smart enough to get away from the pornography business. I worked in an adult bookstore that also had peepshows for 10 years. Just in case you are wondering no matter how bad things are do not ever work in one of these places.

In the months since I have left many people have contacted me and asked what they should do because they were solicited to for sex when they went to a peep show. I let them know the best thing they can do and the only way we will get this stopped is by them calling 911 and submit a report and let the police know what happened to them and where.

If you just turning 18 and are now old enough to legally go to these stores or if you are older and have never gone and for some reason you now think you want to try one of these stores out. DON’T!!! As soon as you enter the parking lot you are at risk. People have been jumped coming and going into the stores. Once in the stores that have movie theaters and peep shows guys expose themselves and solicit for sex. They look for the newcomers or the ones a little tipsy from a night out with friends who stop on their way home. I remember a guy who used to come in he was 20 years old he would sell himself to the guys for $100.00 when I figured out what he was doing I asked him to leave. Guys like this would complain to the owner or his son and say I mistreated them or singled them out. I would get in trouble and the owner would let them back in, anything for the owner to make a few bucks.

The man who owned the store I worked at also owns one on route 413 in Bristol Pa. This store does not even have doors on the booths you walk in and guys are there in various states of undressed pleasuring themselves and having sex in front of others in the public. I called the Bristol police and they said that the patrons are over 18 there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. He also owns another store in Delaware County PA. This store has a residential house and kids playing out front that are in very early grade school. Their yard is no more than 5 ft away. I really am not sure how people that own these stores sleep at night knowing that these kinds of illegal acts go on in their stores. People are dying from deceases that they have contracted in these stores. People from all walks of life married, single, fathers, brothers, ministers, people who live what most would think is a straight lifestyle and others who are openly gay. The thing is all of these men come there for the same thing to have sex with other men. They enjoy having anonymous sex with strangers in the public. When did this become ok to do? When did store owners start getting business licenses to let illegal sex in the public happen? When did our law officials decide it was ok to let this go on? Why do we let these stores continue to make money off of this? Remember next time you pay your taxes how your hard earned money is at work for you.


We need to fight to stop this now! Or soon these stores will be in every neighborhood and there will be no turning back.


Story By John S De Santo I