Fred Willard has always seemed like a kindly, silly older gentleman who would never do anything as crass as whip it out in a porn theater, but apparently when the mood strikes, anyone is capable of doing seedy things. For more information on this Story Press the Link Below:


This is just another example of how the law officials and the news / media industry takes a story and blows it up when it has to do with a person  that is someway in the limelight. Is this the first time the police have ever found a man in this theater with his penis out? Were others also caught? I cannot believe he is the only one in there doing this on the night in question. Where are the pictures of others that have been caught let’s see them on the internet and every news program.  Why do these stores exist? We know the owners make lots of money letting guys masturbate and have sex with each other in these stores. Wouldn’t the owner of the store be just as guilty letting this go on?  Put the owners picture all over and arrest them for making money off of allowing illegal sexual acts to go on in their stores and charging people to come in and do these acts. These stores are no more than cheap dime store whore houses.  Yet we allow these stores to exist in America, then having sex in these stores and hell with your coach should also  be legal in the public.