Pennsylvania and sexual corruption

Is your child next to be assaulted?


Story by: John S De Santo 


Pennsylvania sure is busy with sex crimes in the news lately. Where should we start? Let’s look at the Mummers clubhouse running sex parties and serving and charging for liquor illegally. The police go undercover and get invited to a sex party run in all places a mummers club house in South Philly. Men and women at a private party drinking and carrying on, women walking around at the party in various fashion of undress, some completely naked. The women soliciting to any of the guys that are there to perform sexual acts for them including the undercover police. 10 female suspects and 3 men arrested and were charged with various violations from violation of liquor laws, Criminal Conspiracy, Promoting and actions of Prostitution, Possession of Narcotics.

In Northeast Philadelphia a strip club was the target of a law enforcement raid. The results of this raid, seven women and one man were arrested on prostitution related charges. State police conducted the raid after an undercover investigation. Police state they had received complaints of illegal activity in the club. Evidently dancers at the club would charge for various forms of sex and would conduct the sex acts in secluded parts of the store. The store owners and management would take their cut of the cash the dancers made off of these illegal sex acts. State Police Sgt. William LaTorre said the alleged prostitution that had been taking place in the club can cause both an emotional and financial drain on families. Police sources also stated other clubs in the city are suspected of prostitution activity and this is only the beginning of a crackdown. 

Let’s not forget about what has been going on at Penn State. Where it is alleged that children as young as 10 years old were being repeatedly sexually abused and some for years by a sports figure head that is not only looked up to by the school’s alumni but also by people of local communities and across the country. People stated that they saw incidents of him abusing these kids some did nothing about what they saw while others had made complaints but nothing was ever done until now. This story has new information coming out almost hourly still it seems. It created riot like uproar by the current students where they even turned over a vehicle that was owned by a local news station that was covering the story.

What is wrong with all of the above situations besides the obvious illegal sex acts? The fact that the same illegal acts are going on everyday all over the country and perhaps around the world is a good start. I know that complaints have been made to police about illegal activities in other adult stores around the Philadelphia area and surrounding communities. No matter who you make your complaint to they will either tell you that it is not their jurisdiction and forward you to someone else if you are lucky or some will actually say that it is legal while others try to compare sex stores to hotels and motels. Recently I had a chance to speak with 2 people running for political offices in Philadelphia, one told me he finds nothing wrong with people going to adult bookstores and having sex in peep show booths – it’s legal. The other stated there are prostitutes on the corners what is the difference.

Our citizens have complained for years about adult stores in our area that allow illegal activities. From dancing girls performing various illegal sexual acts to men in peep shows committing the same sexual acts in the stores These acts all going on and the owners of the stores knowingly allow and even promote these acts. It is what makes money for their stores to operate and pay salaries. Instead of just picking a few stores and clubhouses to pick on, let’s take away all of the licenses and not allow these stores, doesn’t matter if they are in Montgomery county, Bristol, Philadelphia along Passyunk ave or in Delaware county on 291. Revoke the license and close the stores. As for what happened at Penn State perhaps he learned that he liked young boys for sexual acts after seeing it in pornography or maybe that’s why he got into sports to begin with, watching the guys shower after gym class or a game. He had his dream job, getting paid for satisfying his sexual desire and his authorities allowing it to go on. If he was not as well known and in the public eye would it have even made the local news? But because of his public status it has made national news as well as international.


We need to show are younger members of society it is not all right to do these illegal activities. We can start with the easy ones first close down the illegal stores not one at a time but just close them all and revoke their licenses. Do we need stores that allow this? Are we not asking for illegal acts to happen? Once we clean up the easy ones the others will stick out even more and will be easier to stop.

But then again if we do that the people that make residual money from these illegal acts will also be found out so they will continue to cover it up.


If you care about all of our children’s future, now is the time to contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and let them know how you feel and that we need this stopped even if that means putting it on the ballot so that we can vote on how our country wants others to view our morals or currently lack of morals. Remember we are all at risk.


It really is …All about the money – not about the well being of our children, families and nation.


I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!