One of the most ambitious campaigns in the United States to interrupt the spread of HIV in an entire community is unfolding in Southwest Philadelphia.

Volunteers have started going door-to-door and expect to continue for two years, aiming to test 12,000 people. There are billboards, church sermons, Twitter messages and outreach workers who are buttonholing people on the street. Free oral swab tests are offered in the mobile van, and fingerstick blood tests at a health center.

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It is a great thing that this group is doing to help those in this zip code 19143 in Southwest Philadelphia. This is one way to help start controlling the pandemic of new HIV/AIDS cases in the city especially in this zip code,  a strip on Passyunk ave  that has become known as the “Corridor of Crime”? It did not get this name from the crime many would think although it also goes on there. It is not the muggings and car thefts and racing but it the main reason this street has become recognized as the “Corridor of Crime” is because of the stores that allow sex in the public to go on right in the stores as long as they pay to get in the doors or continue to pump bills into the peep shows they can have sex all day long with many people from the neighborhood. Many of the guys are from the neighborhood that come in. They have oral, anal and every other kind of sex that you can imagine in these stores. The owners continue to make money off of this as many become infected with all sorts of disease and take them home to their families. Do you think these people are going to admit that they had unprotected sex in these stores? Most say they were with the girls in the other room. Most of the time this is not the case especially for those living on a restricted budget. It is cheaper to go in and have sex with the guys then with the girls. The authorities know it goes on but they do nothing about it.  So let’s do the smart thing and get these stores closed down and punish the owners for allowing these people to have sex in their stores.  If we close these stores now perhaps we can save lives and people before they get HIV/AIDS.

Southwest Philadelphia, whose residents are dying of AIDS at nearly twice the citywide average

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