Story By John S De Santo I


The Killing Machine? What does that mean? How can Money Porn & Sex add up to a Killing Machine? In the world there are many reasons people die, some from normal things that people have died from since humanity began others are manmade. If you or someone you know is dying or is already dead from a manmade reason then you have been affected by the killing machine. Although many manmade deaths can be stopped we do nothing to stop them and when people try they often do not get the backing of those that can help and have the power to stop these machines even if only one gear at a time.

Recently in the news we have heard much about equal rights for marriage. People of the GLBT community looking for the right to marry like any other human couple can. Although there are many ways to look at this I am not sure if this is the right time for this to happen or has part of the Killing Machine made it so this is not the right time? Although sex in the public is illegal we have adult book stores, theaters and peepshows that seem to never get closed. Why do these stores really exist? Is it so men have a place where they can have sex anonymous with each other? From my experience and research that is what goes on in these stores while the owners make lots of money. When people complain to authorities they either push the envelope saying it is not their department or say it is legal to have sex in these stores. Does the world really need stores for people to have sex of all sorts and varieties with people they do not know and will most likely never see again? Are stores like this going to save society during these times of financial problems? Maybe they will with all of the money that is spent at them the owners raking in thousands of dollars a day to let people have sex in their buildings and spreading diseases. Is this money that is being spent in these stores and possibly killing people really going to correct the financial world or would it be better to close these stores and save lives of many people?

Oh that is right diseases are spread in these stores sometimes knowingly and on purpose other times people do not know they have the diseases that they have and are spreading to others in the stores or to their unsuspecting family, friends and love ones. Another big story in the news is about a bacterial meningitis case in West Hollywood CA. This rare strain quickly took the life of a gay man and brought out facts in the news where they are trying to confirm if the strain is linked to one that has killed lives of gay men in New York since about 2010. It also brought out the fact that others have been dying in the gay community from this disease but for some reason it was not in the news. Did it not make the news because officials were purposely hiding it not to scare people or because by it not making top headlines the medical industry can make lots of money off of the disease similar to how they did when HIV first started to spread? If you keep it quiet there is much money spent for medical treatment and research but also it could wipe out a large portion of a community that is currently causing a commotion looking for equal marriage rights.

With all of this going on, now in Philadelphia we have a bathhouse that is reopening after a fire. It is also under new ownership and had a write up in a local paper about the grand opening where they included pictures of glory holes. Why would we allow places like this to re-open and show pictures of where men will have sex after paying to get in? What better way for the authorities that could help and stop these illegal activities to allow the killing machine to continue and make it look like they are doing the right thing. Allowing an adult sex palace to reopen and kill off more of a community.

Why are there so many people in the GLBT community that only identify with the way they prefer to have sex instead of being the person of humanity that they are and the way that they interact with others to take humanity forward. Not saying that they should not be able to live a full life like anybody else that they share the human race with but are we not more than the sexuality that we like and identify with?

Whether you are straight or part of the GLBT community let us get together as part of a greater team and community the human race and stop the illegal acts that are killing our race. Lets’ stop the people from making illegal money from helping to kill off our families and loved ones. Perhaps if we can work together to stop these senseless acts and stop the Killing Machine more people will agree that all people should have the right to live happily ever after.

Wait does happily ever after really exist? That is a topic for a column for another time. In the mean time contact your law officials from the President down to you local police, your Churches and your schools. Alert your friends and lets’ get these stores closed that make money from sex and help to spread deceases.

The people that allow these stores to continue are killing us, it is like they are firing a gun at us but the ammunition that is killing us slowly are diseases and values that are raping our community of morals.