The Victims

Adult Book Stores Booths and Theaters


I hope you have been following the columns I have been posting during the past couple of months. These stories are the truth and nothing but the truth about what goes on in many of the Adult bookstores and theaters. Of course I only have firsthand knowledge of the few in my area but after researching these both during the ten years I worked there and continued researching after I was no longer employed there; it goes on in most of them around the country. In the years I worked at the adult bookstore on the Corridor of Crime in Philadelphia there were very few really hot looking guys that came in but there was one I remember that should have been a movie star. He was about 6’ 2” with big biceps and 6 six pack abs that most of us can never have no matter how hard we work at it. For most of the ten years I worked there he came in and bought magazines and DVD’s. Then one day he came in and wondered into the back room where the peep shows are I guess after watching many different plots in the xxx movie he purchased he wanted to star in a fantasy and make it come true – or was it he just got curious and was willing to do anything that night. He found his way to one of the peep show booths with a glory hole. It made my stomach turn to think that a man that hot and that had a prominent job would lower himself to this. I can’t imagine why he would but he did. He continued to frequent the store but no longer was his main purpose to buy magazine and DVD’s he now came to satisfy his sexual urges through a glory hole. He started to give and receive oral satisfaction with people he never saw more than what fit through the hole. About a year ago when he came in he was talking to me and let me know that he was sick. I asked what was wrong he told me he was now HIV positive and had AIDS. I know that it can happen to anyone but to a guy like I said that had a prominent job and looks that could make almost anybody say – Damn he is HOT! –  to have let this happen. I asked where he thought he may have got this and he said “Most likely the bookstore”.  

What I am going to ask now is who here is the victim? The hot guy that came to a store that allows these sexual acts to go on in a store open to the public. These stores have been around for years and nothing is ever done about it?

The other guys he met in the store that he may have also infected while he was coming to the store?

The consumers who may never have been to one of these stores but who pay rising costs for medical benefits and treatments? As I said he worked in a prominent job, I am sure he had some kind of medical benefits.

Or is it me because I lost a friend because of what went on in these stores and no one wants to listen?


I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY