Businesses That Sell Sex To The Public

Adult Theaters – Adult Bookstores – Video Booths and Peep Shows



As I continue to share my experiences of working in the adult pornography industry for ten years with you, I have come to realize that for these ten years I saw things that most would not want to see or would not believe really goes on even though it is their family members that are the ones that go to these stores. From husbands to sons, grandfathers to boyfriends’, teachers to law enforcement even the clergy and they are not there to see the girls that are pictured on the signs they are there to have sexual relations with other men.


In a previous column I wrote about glory holes and how they make money. Now let’s look at the regular video booths. These booths are small – think smaller then a public rest room stall.  The stores can have many of these lined up side by side in rows and smaller stores may just have a few. Each of these will have a seat, monitor / screen for watching a video and a bill acceptor. Men go into these stalls and start pumping money into the machines and watching xxx rated video clips of all sorts’; men and women, women on women, men with men, groups, you name it. They continue to put money in and start to pleasure themselves. In these stores there are normally customers that are regulars looking for the new piece of meat to come in. The regulars will find all sorts of reasons and ways to hang around spending the least amount of money possible but even they have to put some cash in. They will wait for a guy to either leave his door open or some are known to push the doors open and even break the locks (if the store owners are not too cheap to put them on the doors) in hopes of getting a guy that is so worked up they will let anybody help them get to a happy ending. The whole time needing to keep the money flowing to keep the videos playing and the owners rich.


These stores make money off of sex in the public. I have spoke to other larger news agencies and asked them why they have never reported about these stores making money off of illegal sex acts in the public. Many of them have told me that no one would want to hear about this, it is not news worthy. Not news worthy??? Then why is it when a congressman sent a picture by cell phone did every news portal talk about it 24 hours a day for weeks. A few years ago another member of congress tapped his foot in an airport men’s room stall and was arrested for lewd conduct and later gave a guilty plea so that he could get a lesser charge. An American actor, writer, film producer and comedian who had a run of very successful comedy shows including a Saturday morning kids show and major movies was arrested for indecent exposure in a adult theater. A President of the USA although it was not reported that he went to adult bookstores or theaters, he did have a sexual affairs while married and in the White House. All of these stayed in the headlines and for weeks, months and some much longer. So if these stores allow the same activity why wouldn’t we want to hear about it in the news so we can have them closed down or at least be able to know what is going on and bring this to a vote and let the people decide.


Many of these stores are in lower income neighborhoods where the people have grown up with them there all of their lives. They may not realize what goes on in them or how illegal and damaging it is to their communities. Although many of these stores may be in lower income areas that does not mean that people from the richest neighborhoods and lifestyles do not frequent these stores. The wealthier people are the ones that can afford to pump the money into the machines.


Next time you have the opportunity to ask someone running for any public office questions find out what they think about these stores and let them know we need these stores closed. Ask them if they frequent the stores as we know many of the people who have been made a spectacle of some sort of sexual / lewd offense are people we voted in without knowing what their thoughts are about these types of stores.


Stores like these promote sex with partners you do not know…Is that safe sex? What do you think the chances are of passing STD’s no matter if they are the curable ones or the more deadly ones? These stores make money off of illegal acts and our Tax Dollar paid law enforcement do not stop it. Who really gets paid to let these stores continue?


Contact your local, state and country law officials today make them do their jobs. More information can be found on my website look at the front page, links and stories from people who are joining the cause for War Against Pornography.


As ALWAYS – It is all About the Money