Make Big Bucks – Selling Sex?

Theaters and Peep Shows and Glory Holes…Oh My!


 Story by:John S. De Santo I


As almost anyone knows the USA has an astonishing number of unemployed and every week more people are losing jobs in huge numbers. From small companies to large, blue collar and white collar everyone is at risk for losing their job and the crime rate in the nation helps to prove it. Some statistics that have been released show that in one year 2.6 million more poor people are living in the USA. But there is one type of business where the owners make thousands of dollars a week allowing illegal acts to go on in their stores.
The adult industry in the USA is most likely one of the best industries to open a new business in, as long as you do not mind breaking many laws and most likely being an accomplice to many deaths whether you consider it to be direct or indirect. Across the nation there are pornography stores that are directed to adult clientele with theaters, peepshows and glory holes. These stores allow illegal sex to go on as long as you keep the money going into the booths or pay your flat fee at the door. If you can stand to have a store with holes that look like the picture in the walls or have people breaking your walls / doors down to get to the guy on the other side of the peep show door than you should open one of these stores in your neighborhood. From working in one of these stores that is located on the “Corridor of Crime” (Passyunk Ave in SW Philadelphia) for ten years and doing research I have found that all you need to do is get an entertainment license, a store in a busy location and believe in your rights to act on the 1st amendment in the constitution. If you do this you can make this kind of money too. These stores are open to the public anyone can walk into these stores, in the state of Pennsylvania you are supposed to be over 18 years of age but we all know how well that carding works in bars where you have to be over 21 years old someone always slips in. But once in the store the age really has nothing to do with it. These men come to these stores to have illegal anonymous sex with everyone and anyone that is there.


They do things in these stores that most of us would never imagine. You think your spouse may have been with one of the girls in the back room but no he is having sex with other men. Oral, anal, feces, showers, multiple people at the same time or spending over 24 hours in the store going from one guy to the next. It all happens here and more. The owners know this goes on and do nothing about it. It can go on right in front of them and all they will say is as long as the money keeps flowing let them do what they want it is their right. What the owner is really thinking is cha-ching money in my pocket. When you complain to the police they say they can do nothing about it, if you complain to L&I it is not what they are in charge of. I have even asked a person who was running in the last election in Philadelphia for city councilmen and he said “what’s wrong with it we have prostitutes too”.  What is wrong with this is a great question. If sex in public places is illegal than why do we allow this to go on in business’ that are open to the public? Why do licenses get approved for business’ that have this going on? Why do law officials do nothing to stop it? If businesses like these are allowed to break the laws than why shouldn’t everyone break the law no matter what it is. Do they get away with it because of corruption or are law officials afraid to stop it because then someone could prove that they are caught up in it to somewhere. It appears that our morals have fell so low in the USA that we will allow almost anything to happen and many decide that if others are doing it then it must be ok. Stop and think about what these store owners are doing; they are making money off of illegal sex acts in a public place. They are not just making a little money like the prostitute on the corner trying to feed her kids but are making thousands of dollars a week and not being stopped. At least the prostitute on the corner gets taken in to the station from time to time by the police. These store owners never have anything done. If these store owners can get away with this the prostitutes should be allowed to sell their bodies. The people who keep getting put in the news for pictures and texting about sex (sexting) should be left alone and formal public apologies given to them and get their jobs back. If it is right in one public place it should be right in all public places. So if you are out of a job and your unemployment is about to run out, or if you are just looking for another way to make income, get your license and store front at your local mall or next to your local supermarket and open up your own adult theater or peepshow store. I personally think it is a disgusting way to make a living, but if more people apply for these license maybe one day it will make it onto a ballot to see if these stores should be allowed in our communities and country at all.

Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and get this on the ballot in the commonwealth of Pa and in every state. Let the people decide if this is what we want to go on. Let’s clean up our country and STOP THIS CRIME NOW!

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

Glory Hole From Corridor of Crime

Glory Hole From Corridor of Crime