I have worked in the adult pornography business for 10 years. I have seen things that no one would ever believe go on in businesses that are open to the public. Yes you need to be over 18 years of age but does that mean you should be able to go into a store and have sex in a booth with anything that walks in? Or maybe you just like to be watched while you are naked and doing what you may be doing to yourself. Ok so now you think it is only gay men that are here doing these things. I guess that depends on what you consider gay. Is gay the openly gay man that is looking for a boyfriend…well after working in the business as long as I have that is not who frequents these stores the most. It is Married men of all ages with wives and kids at home. So you have these older men sneaking out for lunch or after a game in the stadium area, they ride up what is now being referred to as the “Corridor of Crime” Passyunk Ave and Essington Ave area of southwest Philadelphia. Here they lurk in the shadows waiting for an unknowing guy to come in age race and creed does not matter. Perhaps this young guy had a fight with his wife or girlfriend or perhaps he has had a few too many drinks. He comes in and sees the bookstore that sells along with the books videos and other adult novelties. He sees a room off to the side dimly lit he is curious and goes back. Perhaps he does not notice the sign “Put a dollar in and no one will bother you”.  Here he finds a few rows of video booths something exciting to try. He puts in a few bucks and gets a little worked up his pants drop and within seconds the old man is in front of him taking care of his every need or is it rape?

You may think this does not happen or that it wouldn’t happen to anyone I know. My husband my boyfriend my son, father or brother never. Yeah right it happens to all of these types of people and from people in all walks of life white color professionals, blue color laborers, loving grandparents and people from the church.

In the coming weeks I will post many stories of what has happened in these stores that I have seen. I will also let you know what has been told to me by people of authority. I don’t think any of them ever told me what the real law is one even advised Consenting Adults can do that in the store it is like having sex in a motel.