CLEARWATER —  A man accused of having sex with his male partner for years while knowingly having HIV will not face criminal charges.
The State Attorney’s Office dropped their case against the alleged suspect Shane Ortiz. According to law, Florida’s definition of sex is defined as that between a man and a woman. Any other type of sexual contact is not considered sexual intercourse.
According to Ortiz’s accuser, who Bay News 9 is not naming, Ortiz put his former male partner at risk of contracting HIV because Ortiz never told him he had the disease.
The victim said he can’t believe there will be no consequence for Ortiz’s alleged actions.         
“It’s absurd,” the male victim said.
The victim said he found out through friends Ortiz had the HIV virus and has had it for almost 20 years.
 Officials have not said if Ortiz has any other accusers. With the loophole in the state’s law, nothing can be done to bring the victim’s case to court.