Is it Too Late? How Many Deaths Were Caused By These Places? Philadelphia
By: John S. De Santo I
The Forum Theater in Philadelphia is closed. The XXX-rated films may be gone and the customers that were left may be upset but is it way too late to clean up the tragedy that these types of stores created? First came the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and then Philadelphia and many other cities took it to a level that never should have existed. The cities were making lots of money and so were the business and real estate owners of these stores. Philadelphia in 1975 opened the Forum Theater a 250 seat theater dedicated to screening XXX-rated videos. Located on Market St. in the heart of the “City of Brotherly Love” let me tell you there was some love going on. Was it the love of sex in the public? Or love of making money from sex in a building open to the public? When it first opened they played 35mm videos and before it closed it played DVD’s. People would go there and watch these movies and eat from the vending machines. Some would spend hours in this dark theater and help each other with whatever popped up. This continued through the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s and only now in December of 2012 has this store finally closed down. The owner of the property who owns multiple properties in the Philadelphia area and also owns other properties in Times Square NY is commonly referred to as the King of Times Square Porn. Now at the age of 87 he has stated that he never liked the smut business. The owner of the business, The Forum Theater was convicted in 1975 on federal charges for transporting women across state lines for prostitution and is known as a Porn Kingpin. Let us stop and think for just a moment about something that has effected everyone in the world in one way or another during the period that this establishment was open. Many cases of STD’s and HIV /AIDS, I am not here to list them all please ask your physician or the CDC if you need more information. If these stores had never existed would the spread of STD’s and HIV /AID’s been as bad, as quick, as out of control? Why was this establishment along with others like it allowed to exist? How much money was made and by who to keep these stores operating? Don’t tell me law officials and other people who held positions that could have stopped these stores did not know about what went and currently goes on in these stores. There are still more of these stores and similar ones in the City of Philadelphia and suburbs. They also exist in almost every other state in some fashion. These stores have helped to ruin our countries values and morals to a level that we may never recover. These stores I am sure have been key in spreading of STD’s and HIV / AID’s. You can currently go to stores on Passyunk Ave in Philadelphia where this sort of thing still goes on and one of them even has an adult theater much like what the Forum had and there is a lot of sex going on in these stores open to the public. Passyunk Ave has been referred to as “The Corridor of Crime” because of stores like this and adult bookstores that have peepshows. Let’s take this opportunity while we have this topic in the news to get all of these stores closed down. When was it made legal to make $1,000.00’s of dollars a day on sex in the public. Stop these stores now while we are still able to save our children. It will take years to wipe these stores from our memories and to help stop the spreading of deadly diseases but our children are counting on us to make wise decisions for their futures.
The people that allow these stores to continue are killing us, it is like they are firing a gun at us but the ammunition that is killing us slowly are diseases and values that are raping our community of morals.