Occupy Philadelphia

1777 and 2011


Story by John S De Santo 

It is possible that we are currently living in what may be a pivotal turning point in the future of the United States and the world as we know it. In 2011 have the 99% finally realized that the American Dream has been stolen from the world? Workers have some of the worst health care in recent history. Students are urged to borrow and spend thousands to get a college degree only to find the jobs do not exists when they graduate. The workforce is made up of many underemployed having to take lower paying jobs if they are lucky after being laid off. Many people living in a time where they will be in debt for the majority of their lives. Corporate greed and Political corruption, has the 1% stolen and destroyed our nation and the American Dream with their greed?   


The past:

The Philadelphia Campaign

1777 – The British in Philadelphia

The Capitol then in Philadelphia Occupied by The British


On September 26, 1777 the British occupied Philadelphia. In anticipation of their arrival, many Patriots and businessman had abandoned the city. Further, Washington’s soldiers had looted Philadelphia, taking anything that might have been of use to the British.

Those citizens who remained were a mixture of Loyalists, Quakers, and the poor. Three fourths of the population was woman and children. Most looked forward to British rule — after all they had always considered themselves loyal English citizens. Moreover, they had long chafed under the excessive zeal of the Patriots who had been running the city.

British officers quartered in the finest houses, merchants from other towns started moving in, and a puppet government composed of naive Tories was established.

A City in Turmoil

But the city was in turmoil. Churches were turned into hospitals as wounded from the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown were tended to. The Walnut Street Gaol was filled with American Prisoners of War. Food, clothing, and firewood were scarce as an American blockade effectively kept supplies form the city.


The present:

2011 – 234 years later

Occupy Wall Street, Market Street and across the Nation as well as support around the world growing. At this point it is so hard to state what the list of demands should be because the list is so long, perhaps it has been growing for 234 years and we have finally become intolerant of taking what the 1% makes us think we want. Did we vote for high taxes, to be jobless, to live in debt? For laws to only be followed when it suits the 1%.  Let’s ban together and show the 1% we are America and Corporate greed and Political Corruption has to be stopped.

Stop illegal activities!!


Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals let them know you are part of the 99%. If they support the 1% then the 99% citizens need to vote them out. 



I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!


Portions from USHistory.org