STOP THESE SEX ACTS Contact your local, state and country law officials today make them do their jobs.  A list of number to Call 

Senator TOOMEY Patrick R PA (202)224-­‐4254
Senator CASEY Robert D PA (202)224-­‐6324
House Meehan Patrick R PA 7th (202)2252011
House Critz Mark D PA 12th (202)2252065
House Doyle Michael D PA 14th (202)2252135
House Murphy Tim R PA 18th (202)2252301
House Pitts Joseph R PA 16th (202)2252411
House Shuster Bill R PA 9th (202)2252431
House Altmire Jason D PA 4th (202)2252565
House Marino Tom R PA 10th (202)2253731
House Fattah Chaka D PA 2nd (202)2254001
House Fitzpatrick Michael R PA 8th (202)2254276
House Gerlach Jim R PA 6th (202)2254315
House Brady Robert D PA 1st (202)2254731
House Thompson Glenn R PA 5th (202)2255121
House Kelly Mike R PA 3rd (202)2255406
House Holden Tim D PA 17th (202)2255546
House Platts Todd R PA 19th (202)2255836
House Schwartz Allyson D PA 13th (202)2256111
House Dent Charles R PA 15th (202)2256411
House Barletta Lou R PA 11th (202)2256511