Look Back at 2011

The Future of 2012


By: John S. De Santo I

As I look back on the year 2011, I can see many accomplishments that we have made but that we have a long way to go. Here at www.DirtandMoreDirt.com we have brought to you many articles in the past year to try and heighten your awareness of the plague that is continuing to decay our values, raise healthcare costs, and destroy part the fabric of what humanity is built on – Family values – the destruction of our children before they can even make a sound judgment on what’s right and wrong for themselves. If they come from a family that has low standards, morals and is broken, it is hard for them to better themselves and the lives that they touch for the future.


Some of the titles of articles that you may have read on www.DirtandMoreDirt.com in the past year;


“Sex in the Public is it Legal”, “The Corridor of Crime”, “The Victims”, “The Money Behind The Glory Holes”, “Businesses That Sell Sex To The Public”, “We Were All Children Once”, “Pornography – Who Are the Guilty”, “Make Big Bucks Selling Sex”, “Dirty Sex – Whatever Happened to Honesty? – Does Anyone Obey The Laws?”, “Who Can We Trust and Not Trust? Paying For Sexual Abuse”, Pennsylvania and Sexual Corruption – Is Your Child Next To Be Assaulted?”, “Are Today’s Abused Tomorrows Predators?” Mommies Christmas Present – STD’s Don’t Come With A Bow”.


As you can probably tell many of the articles focus on Pornography, how it affects even those who do not watch, look at or like it, innocent children and how it destroys their future and making money from sex.


You may ask yourself what makes me do this or know what goes on. Unfortunately I worked in the business for almost a decade and watched how it destroyed lives, families and even killed. I need to know why this is allowed to go on and why our government allows it even though there are laws against it.


During 2011 I have met with many activist groups across the country whose main focus is trying to stop this. I have been contacted by Wives, Mothers, Children, and students who are dealing with this. I even have men contacting me who have gone to theses stores and have destroyed their lives and families because of it.


In 2012 I will continue to help open others eyes by reporting on things I have seen, to help others understand that we need to stop this now. Make sure to add www.DirtandMoreDirt.com to your favorite links and check back often. Let your friends know what you have read or learned and most importantly let your government officials know we need these stores closed not only here in Philadelphia but across all of the United States. 


Remember we need to save our children!!!