By: John S. De Santo I

 Wow! Prostitution, Pimping, Adultery, Sex in the Public even Charging Money for Sex must be legal at least in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. It has been about a year since I left the last job I will ever have in the porn industry. I worked in an Adult themed bookstore located on the “Corridor of Crime” Passyunk Ave in southwest Philadelphia. This store caters to men having anonymous sex with other men, many times in plain view of the other customers. They try to disguise this store by selling adult movies, magazines and toys as well as having girls in the one room that will dance for guys for a fee. But when the funds run low and the guys really want to get off they go into the peepshow area and pump the bucks into the money slots and have sex with each other. Some do it in the rooms; others enjoy the 3 glory holes while others do it right in the hall. Most of these men do not know each other they are just looking to get off. Many of them are married and looking for something different and here they can do it behind their wives and girlfriends backs. The owners make BIG BUCKS off of this to support their families. Many of the guys have STD’s and pass them on to the others that come in. We all know that many STD’s today can be deadly. I was always getting the owner mad at me when I worked there because I would not let any of this go on, he always told me as long as they are spending money stay out of the peep show room and let them do what they want to. We had all kinds come in from the normal suburban family man to the street drug guy, from law officials to men of the church, even attorneys that dress in drag come in to have sex. They all came here for the same thing to have sex with each other some of them would stay and have sex with many men they wouldn’t leave for more than 24 hours. Even when you complain to the cops both local and state, report it to the feds or complain to L&I they all say that there is nothing wrong with it. OK so if there is nothing wrong with it why do we see many people in the news getting in trouble for sexual acts? Why do prostitutes get stopped on the street? If all they need to do is get a store like this and have sex with everyone and anyone they want and never get in trouble for it, charge for sex with a license. At least in many places where brothels and prostitution is legal they also have laws that govern the jobs including testing for decease.

Do these stores get away with it because they pay taxes to the city and state? Perhaps the departments that give them a license to run the stores get paid off.

If we are going to allow these stores to remain open and do nothing about these illegal acts than no one should be prosecuted for sexual offences. Law officials allow it to go on here in these stores then we should not prosecute teachers / coaches, internet sex crimes, street-walkers, or law officials. Think of the money we could have saved and how much better off our country may be if we hadn’t of wasted the funds and time of former President Clinton.

If we are not going to stop it here then why stop it there?

Am I really saying I want these stores to be legal? NO. But we need consistency. Our younger generations will never know what a real family is…So many of their parents having sex with whom they want and then either taking decease and death back to their families and or getting divorced. We learn from our parents and elders. If we do learn from our parents and elders our future generations have no future at all. What do we want for our children and our children’s children? Stop and think before you answer that. Do we really want to wipe out our family life as we know it? Has humanity evolved so far that we are now having sex with anything and anyone and destroying what many thought made us different than the rest of animals in the world? Has money destroyed what is the right thing to do? Make your law officials know how you feel ask these questions when you have a chance while they are campaigning for our next election. Ask your co-workers what they think. You think it won’t affect you until it is too late. The future is in your hands or there may not be a future at all.


Make sure you go online and add to your favorite links and check back often. Let your friends know what you have read or learned and most importantly let your government officials know we need these stores closed not only here in Philadelphia but across all of the United States. 


Remember we need to save our children!!!