Are today’s Abused tomorrows Predators?


The making of a pedophile


Story by: John S De Santo 


Almost every day in the news there is someone coming out that has been abused by older men. It seems the predators come from all walks of life and more often than not they are people we trust and tell our children to trust: Coach’s, Priests, Clergy, and Teachers to Law enforcement and Government officials. These men could not have just been born this way there must have been something that made them enjoy preying on young children and teens. Is it because when they were young someone did the same to them?  During the time that I worked in a adult bookstore I would see it all the time older men 30’s – late 60’s would come in and hang around waiting for a younger guy, that they always hoped just turned 18 and was curious of what went on in these stores. The young guys would come in and go into a peep show and the old men would flock to them. It was absolutely disgusting, you would have thought they were handing out money in the booths these old men would push and shove even break the locks just to get in and sexually abuse these young guys. When I noticed this going on, I would kick them out of the store and many of the older guys would come back later and complain to the owner that I kicked them out the owner told me to leave them alone as long as they are putting money in the machines let them do what they want in the back room. These older men, many of them had families and kids and grandchildren, but here they would come multiple times a week to have sex with other guys and like I said the younger the better, finding a young guy in these stores was like a diamond in the rough to these men.  Now as if it is not bad enough that these men would come and have sex illegally in the open of the store with people who are the same age but they would also abuse the younger people. The sex acts they would perform were not clean or protected. Many of these guys had STD’s they would stand around and talk about it. This would not stop them from having sex with each other and abusing the young curious guys that came in to buy a magazine and would stop to watch a couple movies in the peep show because it was new or different. If we would close these stores down I am sure that it would cut down the rate of STD’s being passed around.

Unknowing wives at home trying to figure out how their unborn child has HIV, or how they caught some other STD themselves, never thinking that there husband the upstanding law official or jock type gym teacher was out catching these decreases in bookstores.

 The young guy who now was abused by his Priest or an old man at the bookstore growing up hiding this being ashamed of what happened, some may turn for help while others take it out on the next generation doing the same thing to the younger age group as they get older.

Why do we allow this to go on? An easy way to make this much harder to do is to close down these stores that make money from allowing illegal sex acts to take place in stores that are open to the public. Many of these young guys that are abused will not lodge a complaint as they are embarrassed that it happened or that they even went to one of these stores in the first place.  

In the news we always hear about older men abusing children under the age of 18 but we almost never hear about these acts that go on in stores that are open to the public. Just because the guys are over 18 years of age does that mean that they are not also being abused and that we should not to stop this now. Close these stores down, do we really need stores for people to go and have sex with others that they do not know and will never see again? Allowing the owners of these stores to continue and make money off of these illegal sexual acts. Isn’t this a form of prostitution and shouldn’t the owners of the stores be in jail for conspiracy of prostitution?


If you care about all of our children’s future and the future of our country, now is the time to contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and let them know how you feel and that we need this stopped even if that means putting it on the ballot so that we can vote on how our country wants others to view our morals or currently lack of morals. Remember we are all at risk.


I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!