How far does public sex go who gets away with it and who doesn’t?

Stories by people who have watched and lived and now write about their own experiences.

Theaters that allow people to have sex with one another…pay ten dollars and have sex right there in front of everyone. I wonder if I can go to a bar and have sex right there in the open? What’s the difference we all would be over 21?  

Will I get arrested? HOW DO THESE PLACES GET AWAY WITH SUCH ACTS AND NO ONE CARES but other people get arrested for the same sexual acts in similar places. Why do laws apply only to some? Why do law officials ignore blatant offenders and establishments that let these acts go on and make money from it?

Who is affected by this just the offenders or is it their family spouses kids. Is this one of the ways AIDS gets passed on and people just continue to lie about their activities?