Is It Too Late?

Peep Shows and Adult Theaters – Do we let them continue?


About a year ago my old boss purchased a new store in Delaware County Pennsylvania. He purchased another adult bookstore: If it was only another bookstore perhaps there would not be a problem. I never worked in this new store but I did have to stop there a couple of times. Just like his other stores he has cameras recording everything that goes on in the store. He also watches this over the internet. This past September a Glory Hole suddenly appeared between two of the booths. I wondered how it got there. Evidently so did the police. They made the owner have the hole closed up, so now instead of having a hole the customers just leave the doors open to let other guys know that they are there to have sex. What kind of sex do they have that all depends on who it is and what they want at the time but everything can and does go. The owner of the store has repeatedly stated that he is not responsible for what goes on in the back rooms of his stores. But he likes the money that comes in by letting the guys do what they want and having the clerk keep reminding the customers to keep the money going into the slots.  Last September the police arrested someone in the store for sexual acts but the store is still open and the customers continue to do what they want. Did this arrest make the local news – NO. With all the useless news the local papers print and local media reports, you think they would report this so that the taxpayers would know what goes on in their communities and counties and furthermore what their hard earned tax dollars are going towards. I cannot imagine how the county has allowed this business to operate especially with a residential house right next store and imagine that the kids play in front of their house no more than 5 feet away. I wonder what they have seen or heard. Perhaps the customers have done things in front of them on purpose. Perhaps our local officials should live in a house next to a store that allows these sexual acts to go on.


Below I have excerpts from comments from a website that was talking about this store: (The word blank has been put in for words that I cannot print on my site)


Posted 9-15-2010

…this place had an undercover cop who arrested a dude who put his BLANK in the hole while the plain clothes cop waited on the other side. He was dragged out in cuffs and displayed outside for awhile. The fat clerk claimed he knew nothing about the hole. Cops follow what is going on on this site so if you plan a hookup beware. So I would be careful if I were you


Posted 2-10-2011

Stop by Wed 2/9/11, about 1:5pm, Feed a few bucks in the machine, pulled out my big BLANK, left the door open about 6 inchs. BOOM. Found a married younger guy who went down on his knees, deep throated my thick BLANK several times, begged for my blank and I gave it all to him. I even had him milk it. I’m sure the Nit Ox helped him enjoy it all. I will be back on 3/8/2011.


Posted 2-17-2011

Anyone going tonight? Had a great time last week with a hot bbc.

Would like to do it again tonight then hit (store down the street) too. Email me if you are going around 7:30 pm is time.


With this going on in the store and being publicized on websites promoting these acts how do they get away with it? These stores are making money off of sex in the public and nothing is ever really done about it. Are brothels now legal in Pennsylvania if so let’s all open these stores. Let’s have one in the middle of the mall.


As always —- It is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY