By: John S. De Santo I



Public Restrooms, most of us use them every day, you go in and do what we need to do, hopefully when done you wash your hands and you leave. I cannot say I have ever been in one that I would want to stay in for long. Some are nicer than others and kept clean while others you hardly want to walk across the floor they are so dirty. But there are many people who like to spend a lot of time in these rooms, so much time it might as well be their office.

So much goes on in these rooms that perhaps there should be a law that all of them have to have law officials as security at each and everyone. Oh wait that won’t work for someone to take that position as a job they are probably a guilty one too.


These rooms are very popular, people use them to do and sell drugs. They use them to steal items from the store or building that they are located in. Evidently there is even a toe-tapping code that a former American Senator learned for picking up other guys in the bathroom. Most of us most likely had never heard of such a code until that hit the news. A musician made a video after being caught exposing himself in a suggestive manner in a men’s room, and in the video the urinals turn and the men’s room turns into a disco scene. I don’t know where they learned to  do these things but maybe they were featured in a adult pornography movie? It sounds like something they would do.


Let’s take a deeper look at these rooms. How many people will let their children go into the bathroom at a store or restaurant? Many do let this happen. So you think they will be ok but did you stop to think about this? When many men’s rooms are designed they have stalls and urinals. Many of the urinals do not have any dividers so you stand there with yourself exposed shoulder to shoulder with other guys. As we know there are people who will take advantage of this situation. They may get off at just looking at the genitals of the other men and little boys or will start masturbating to see if they can get a reaction. As a older person and if you have respect for yourself you would leave who needs to pick up a man in the bathroom. But for the younger people who are more naive this could make a changing / forming impression for them. It may be that they run out screaming so that others know what is going on or they could be lured in by these predators and be touched or touch the predator. I know of a guy who was out to dinner went into the men’s room and had a young boy 8 or 10 years of age ask if he would be his friend. The adult man ran out horrified that this child would be in the bathroom and ask a total stranger this. Was the child too young to be in the bathroom by himself? Or had a previous visit to a bathroom maybe started this perhaps he was seduced by someone before who said that this is what friends do for each other. If the guy who I know had stayed around would the child have told his parents that he had done something even if they didn’t and he could now be in jail or on the Megan’s law list and unable to find a job?


Let us look at this a little different. You are in a nightclub and you have had a few drinks. You are intoxicated as that is what many do when they go to a nightclub. You go into the bathroom and there is another man in there watching all of the guys along the urinals. He has himself out and is masturbating he reaches over and starts to masturbate one or more of the other guys. Perhaps they are drunk it feels good they let him finish. Others are now standing around watching or leaving the room quickly in horror.


You go back to this nightclub because it is the one that everyone goes to but you notice that the sexual predator does this all of the time. He is running in and out of the bathroom following many guys in hoping to get a look or more.   You complain to the staff who do nothing about it. The one staff member says that it goes on everywhere you can’t stop it. It is a private club cops cannot do anything about it. Him…he has money.  You even tell the city cop who is parked out front and nothing is done. Just because this guy has money he should e able to get away with this?

How many people are taken advantage of in this way just because they go out to a nightclub and get a little more lit than they should. Perhaps when they realize what happened this is why we have murders outside of the nightclubs and other places.

Shouldn’t these acts be stopped?


By the way the staff member that says it goes on and it can’t be stopped is the same person that the little boy wanted to be friends with. Yes I know that there is a difference in age of the parties involved but does that make it ok in a public place?


We need our law officials to stop this corruption. If they are not going to do their jobs and enforce the laws than get rid of all laws. Let the people do whatever they want to whoever or whatever they want.  What, we only punish the ones that are in the public eye so that we have a news story and we let the others get away with this?


I am not a religious person and I think that adults should have sex with other willing adults, but what has happened to our morals? When a night out is a night to take advantage of others in a men’s room. One thing we may want to do is make a law that bathrooms need to have dividers between urinals it might cut down on the issue if it is not so easy to watch. It is like we are inviting this kind of behavior and saying it is ok.


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Remember we need to save our children!!!


I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!