Who Can We Trust and Not Trust?

Paying For Sexual Abuse


 Story by: John S. De Santo I


In the news you often hear about the people we have to put our trust into without really knowing them that well or at all that show us that they cannot be trusted, a few prime examples are people of the clergy (Priests, Ministers etc), Daycare workers, Troop leaders in the Girl Scouts, Brownies, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Teachers and Coaches. These are the people we trust to take care and teach our children. Many we directly or indirectly pay their salaries. It is horrible when we find out these people are preying on our children’s innocence. Recently in the news a football coach was found to be taking preteen and early teenagers from his team to hotels and drugging them and giving them alcohol so that he could have sex with them. Of course this made the news and he most likely will never be able to work in that career again. Not that this is wrong because if he did it once more than likely he will do it again but was it really his fault or did something in  society make him this way? Should the interview process have caught this before the job was offered to him?


Many people came into the adult bookstore / peepshow that I worked in, they came from all walks of life and all careers. Many would have thought that these people lived a normal life of a straight family man but they have this other side a much darker side. One guy that did not like the fact that I would not let sex to go on in the peepshows on my shift was a member of law enforcement and stated he was a policeman.  He was so upset that I would not let it go on in the store when I was there he complained to my boss. Who got in trouble? Me for not allowing illegal sex acts to go on while the store was under my watch. My boss had a talking to me and told me not to go into the backroom and let them do what they like. There were many guys who came in that were just curious some would go in the back room and leave quickly in shock of what was going on back there. Some thought that they could come in watch a few movies with their doors locked pleasure themselves and then go home to their wives. Others came in and were a little tipsy from a night out on the town with friends and would find themselves being basically raped but would not say anything or report it to the police because it would destroy their family lives and work lives. Can you imagine telling your wife that you went to an adult peepshow when she thought you were at work or lets’ say bowling and while you were there someone forced himself on you and took advantage of you either making you give or receive oral or anal sex. Not only could this make the news but many wives and families would be broken by this so these men walk around in pain and suffering for something that can be stopped. It only takes one time to receive many deceases whether they are deadly or curable. If you can’t be honest with where and who you had sex with will you not be honest and get regular checkups would you even tell your doctor to test you for these? Or would you wait and keep quite hoping that everything is ok and nothing will happen.


So many people that are not honest and that are walking around carrying guilt or pain will inflict others with their pain. Is this why the coach gave alcohol and drugs to his team members? Maybe he saw something similar in an xxx rated movie and wanted to relive it himself. Do Priests and others in the clergy sexually abuse people because of something that happened to them in their past or did someone confess or confide in them looking for help and it peeked the priests interest to try it themselves. Many of these questions I cannot answer but one thing is for sure – If we stop allowing stores and other places that knowing allow illegal sex acts to take place then at least we can rule that out as a possibility. Unfortunately our country is so corrupt and our morals are so low that people allow these illegal acts to go on just because someone is making money from it. I wonder how the owners of these types of business’ can live with themselves and go home to their families knowing that these illegal acts go on and how it destroys our society. If it was them or their families being abused would they think differently? It is ok and easy to be blind to situations and problems until it directly affects you or your loved ones. 


If you care about all of our children’s future, now is the time to contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and let them know how you feel and that we need this stopped even if that means putting it on the ballot so that we can vote on how our country wants others to view our morals or currently lack of morals. Remember we are all at risk.



I guess it really  ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!