“Has corporate greed and political Corruption

Destroyed our morals and values”


Story by: John S De Santo 



The USA once a place where many people from around the world dreamt to move to so that they could start a new life with freedom and rights and the thought of living the American Dream, not only for themselves but for the generations after them. For years now the American Dream has been slowly but surely harder to live if it even really exists at this point. The greed and corruption that our politicians and corporate America has pushed on us makes it even unclear what the Real American Dream is. Our values and morals pushed so low that many do not know wrong from right or legal from illegal. When we work for companies that are doing wrong every day and as an employee you are told it is the correct way or else you could lose your job. Eventually you begin to believe this. You bring your children up believing that these lowered values and morals are the highest standard you can achieve and that it is the right thing to do.  Your children then do the same with their families whether they realize it or not and our morals and values become even lower. This is a trend to destruction of our way of life. The USA once considered being a first class nation many would not agree with that at this point.

Let’s look at an example. There was a time where two people would meet and marry and start a family of their own. They would stay married for the rest of their lives. They fell in love with each other and their love would get stronger with the good and the bad. Was everything perfect? No. The world was a much smaller place the people of their towns all knew each other, less things were done behind each other’s backs; people were honest with each other. Today our worlds our huge with the internet it is almost like our home towns encompasses the world.

Corporate America and our politicians have taught us it is ok to lie and cheat. One of the biggest industries that have taught us this is one many may not consider as part of corporate America, The Pornography Industry. But it is definitely there at the highest levels this industry has wormed its way into almost every household whether you realize it or not. What was once looked at as something you did behind closed doors is now done in public places. From printed material to internet content to television and video, music and adult bookstores, theaters and peepshows; The people who run these are there to get every last penny then can from you and will find ways to intrigue you to do so especially when your guard is down and you are looking for something that you can do that you think you control. The owners of adult peepshows may be the lowest form of business there is and the morals they have could make you believe that they are lower than pond scum. They are there to make thousands of dollars a week off of sexual acts that are illegal to do in public places. Their stores are open to the public so that is a public place. The fact that they have found ways to entice men to pump money into machines so that they can have antonyms sex with other men is illegal. But not only is it illegal the owners are preying on people whose morals and values have been diminished so much that they will do anything to feel that they are in control. The sexual act is known to be a stress reliever but it also gives some people a sense of empowerment and higher self-esteem. Unfortunately higher self-esteem for those men that resort to peepshows really is not a higher self-esteem, our morals and values have been pushed so low that it may be impossible for many to have the morals and values that were common not that long ago.


We need to start somewhere to get our county back to being a first class nation with people who have high values, morals and a want to live in a high class society. One of the easiest ways to do this is to stop illegal activities. Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals let them know to stop this corruption and close these stores now!