Story by: John S. De Santo I

I think back to the Christmas seasons when I worked at the bookstore and one particular year comes to mind. There was a guy who frequented the store, he was married with children but would come in and have unprotected sex with any guy that he could in the peepshow area. One night he came in and told me that his son that was still very young 6 or 7 if I remember asked him that morning why his daddy and mommy were fighting last night. He told his son that they were not fighting they were just talking loud and that everything is ok. Then his son asked then why did mommy ask you what you were doing at that book store? Can you take me to the book store too daddy I want to go with you. As I stood and talked to this guy he thought it was funny in a way that his son wanted to come to the book store. He then saw a young guy go into the peep show area and went back there to try and have sex with him. A few weeks later he came back into the store he told me that he and his wife were separated. I asked what happened he told me that they had a big fight on Christmas Day, the Christmas tree and he both ended up on the front walk. His wife had gone to the doctor and she found out she had contracted a STD and of all places to get it was from her husband. When she found out that he had been having sex at the store with many people he didn’t even know. She kicked him out as they were fighting she told him thanks for the gift maybe if you had at least wrapped that thing up I wouldn’t have gotten an STD. His son was in the corner crying and asking them to stop fighting and screaming about his Christmas tree being out on the sidewalk.

Do you know where an adult bookstore / peepshow is? Are there any in or around your neighborhood? I bet there is at least one not far from you even in the rural areas. Why do we have these stores? Do we not care about our communities and what this does to the families in our communities? Are the morals in our country so low that we find it acceptable for store owners to make money off of sex in a public building? Is the Health Department that blind to what goes on in these stores or do they make money off of these stores too somehow?

Next time you go by one of these stores stop and look in the parking lot see if your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend are there. Perhaps your father is there go in and see who he is doing while mom is home making dinner.

We need to stop these stores that make money from these illegal sex acts that are destroying the very fabric of what made our country. You may be the next one to get this gift that does not come with a bow, let’s hope it does not kill you if you do get it. If you are honest with yourself and your family and children and believe that these stores need to be shut down contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and let them know how you feel and that we need this stopped even if that means putting it on the ballot so that we can vote on how our country wants others to view our morals or currently lack of morals. Remember we are all at risk.

I guess it really is all about the money