He was once an “undisputed king” of porn. But in his twilight years, he has recast himself as a visionary for a more vibrant downtown.

The grand plan of 87-year-old Richard C. Basciano collapsed in a cloud of dust and debris Wednesday when the botched demolition of his Center City building rained death down on a building below.

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Richard C Basciano “The Undisputed King of Porn” has and will always be known in Philadelphia as a slumlord. Those who are trying to back him as anything else must have been on his longtime payroll and helped allow a man to make $150 million off of porn smut and killing many people who lived in and visited the city of Philadelphia. His porn stores not only drew a large number of undesirables to the area but he also paid to let undesirable acts go on within his stores. Many people who frequented his stores in the 1980’s until it closed have died from or are currently infected with STD’s and HIV/AIDS. All he ever cared about was lining his pockets with cash. A good Catholic I think not a disgrace to the religion as well as to humanity yes. Hopefully he will carry this shame to the grave.