By: John S. De Santo I

  WOW!!! Sex in the news is everywhere. In LA they arrested an actor for allegedly fondling himself in a adult movie theater. In Florida the prostitutes and lap dancers for every kink out there are gathering and multiplying for the upcoming convention. They are looking to make lots of money off of the same people who should be making sure these illegal acts do not go on. We have found out that more adults may be involved in the Penn State Child Sexual Predators scandal. And so much more it is mind boggling. While all of this is going on, at the root of the problem Porn Store Owners continue to make money from illegal sex in their stores.


With all of this going on I need to thank the PW Philadelphia Weekly News for doing an article about my website / blog titled “Former Porn-Shop Worker Is Now Taking A Stand Against, You Guessed It, Porn!”  I am so happy that more and more people are talking about this problem and taking it seriously. Some people I have been meeting with never knew what goes on in these stores, others think they know, and then you have the others that when they are not in the stores and are around their family and friends pretend not to know. So many people think that it does not affect them but it does.


Earlier this month it was reported that the Southwest Philadelphia area has the highest cases of HIV/Aids in the region and have volunteers and outreach workers going door to door to urge people to get tested right then and there for HIV / AIDS. This is the same neighborhood just blocks away from where I worked and saw people from the neighborhood come in and frequent the peepshow areas of the store. If you have read my previous articles and go online and do a search to see what goes on in adult peepshow rooms you will see that there is a lot of unprotected downright animalistic sex going on that could easily spread decease of all kinds not just HIV / AIDS. If you live in the region go to Passyunk Ave in Southwest Philadelphia and take a drive or walk through the Corridor of Crime, stop into one of the sex stores along the corridor and you to will understand why it is being referred to as a sex haven.


There was a report recently that more straight Americans then Gay Americans are having gay sex. If this report is true, which I have no reason to doubt it, then it also means that when these so called straight Americans are done having gay sex they take home to their family anything that they could have contracted with the person they were having sex with. No wonder it is so hard to figure out how our kids are contracting these diseases’ their parents are bringing it home after having sex on the down low. Just think of your husband, boyfriend or son going to one of these stores and having sex with the guy that just licked semen off of the floor that many other guys left behind in a puddle. Just think after he licked that off the floor he went home to his wife and kids. You think it does not happen it goes on all the time. Many of these store owners will not stop anything from going on as long as money keeps going into the machine.


On the rare chance that a store owner is asked to close up a glory hole by officials, they will close it but if the officials go back a month or even just a few days later they will find just to spite the law officials that the glory hole will be reopened and the owners will have put additional ones in to. Why don’t we have law officials that close down the stores instead of just fining and then not coming back for years if ever? Close theses stores down and we will have a chance to finally start to rebuild the morals of our country it took years to get this bad and it will take years more to correct it but if we don’t start now we will not have a human species to live in the future. We need each and every one of you to ask the people running for office how they feel about these stores, if they themselves frequent these stores. What are they going to do if elected to stop these stores and the pornography industry from demoralizing and helping to kill off humanity. When we get people in office that want to help humanity and our children to prosper and be better than we are instead of looking out for just their own pockets then we know we finally have elected for change to grow our nation.    


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File complaints and report illegal acts to law officials. Let others know what has happened and where after reporting it. They can’t hide it if we all know it is going on.  To help others understand that we need to stop this now, make sure to add to your favorite links and check back often. Share the link with friends and let them know what you have read or learned and most importantly let your government officials know we need these issues addressed not only here in Philadelphia but across all of the United States. 


Remember we need to save our children!!!