Will death and destruction finally get people to close porn stores in Philadelphia?

Undisputed King of Porn – He started it will the collapse help end corruption? 

For decades Richard C. Basciano has literally made millions off of Porn and in his porn stores there has always been illegal sexual acts. It is said his estimated worth is 150 million dollars. How much of this money was made from his disgraceful porn stores where people for decades have gotten away with having sex with each other in stores that are open to the public. The building that was being demolished has been an eyesore for decades as the surrounding area and buildings were getting facelifts his buildings were deteriorating. But why not, do you really need a Taj Mahal for a building where peep shows, glory holes and countless other sexual perversions go on? No you just keep reaping the benefits of those you are stealing their lives from. In the early 1980’s when many of these seedy places were being scrutinized and closed because of the start of the HIV / AIDS epidemic somehow his stores remained open and a few others like it also seemed to stay afloat. Many of these stores seem to be related in one way or another, whether the land is owned by the same person or relatives own the sleazy stores that are in the buildings. One thing for sure the stores all seem to be connected with corruption in some fashion. These stores have continued to deteriorate the values of high family morals. We wonder why HIV /Aids and other STD’s are ramped in Philadelphia as well as other cities perhaps we should close down these stores. Many people who frequented and worked in these stores are now either living with STD’s and other diseases’  for the rest of their lives or have already died because of these stores and the things that went on.

In the recent past they wanted to redo and make the porn store bigger and the city administration was going to allow it until the people of the city were finally heard and a stop was put to this.  The people of the city want to live in what could be a beautiful city. Instead we get the trashy city that the slum lords like Basciano and so many administrations have allowed to fester in Philadelphia. Somebody is on the take for it to continue this long.

At the age of 87 Basciano wants us to forget about these things and he was going to demolish the buildings and develop the area. Decades have gone by of the filth now we are supposed to accept him as a good Catholic? He may be a Catholic but there is nothing good about him. Unfortunately more innocent people had to lose their lives and loved ones for this to make real news.

Lets clean our Philadelphia of all these stores – Before more people die lets close the stores on the “Corridor of Crime” Passyunk Ave. This road is used by many when they first come to our city off the airplane and what do they see… Stores that make money from people having sex in the open in stores open to the public.

What do we need to do to clean our city of these slum lords and save the lives of our children? Lets enforce the laws that we have. Lets’ take properties away from the slumlords that will not clean them up and bring them to code. Lets close the Adult porn stores that are splashed here and there all over the city and suburbs. Lets’ make Philadelphia a place that as citizens of the USA we can say we are proud of .