Sex in the Public – Is It Legal?

Did you know that sex in the public is legal? Yes it appears that it is. Why do I say that you ask?

If you can go into a store that is open to the public whether it is an adult book store or an adult cinema, each of these types of stores can be found along “The Corridor of Crime” in Philadelphia and in almost every city and many smaller communities throughout the USA. As long as you are 18 years of age or older you can go into these bookstores and put a few dollars in the slot and have sex right there in the peep show booth with strangers. No one will bother you except to watch or want to join in.  In the cinemas you can pay $10.00 at the door and go into a large room where they are showing a movie. Most of the guys in there are partially to fully naked. Business men out for lunch or on their way home from work. Perhaps they are just in town for a meeting and staying at one of the hotels by the airport; they drive down the street and find what they want. Then they go home to their wife and kids who has no idea what they were doing. Most of the guys that come to these stores live a family life you would never know that they enjoyed having sex with other men but they do. You say it can’t be anyone I know. Why not drive by and see if you’re family, friends or perhaps your ministers’ cars are in the parking lot. I bet sooner or later you will find someone you know there. There are websites that promote where to find these stores in your area. They post blogs to talk about what they did and who they did it with.  Should store owners be allowed to make money off of sex in their stores? Should these stores be legal? If government wants these types of stores perhaps they should let us the taxpayers vote on if or where we want them to be located. If we decide they are legal perhaps bars and nightclubs should have sex rooms at least there you are over 21 in the state of PA. Contact your state officials and let them know what you think. If it is legal lets VOTE for it.   


Story By John S De Santo I