(pronounced: skay-bees)

 SCABIES pronounced skay bees

What is it?For some reason, most people assume that scabies is an ancient disease, one that died out with child workhouses and British naval power. Alas, these tiny mites are still around, still burrowing into your genitals and still laying eggs in your skin.When your parents warned you about catching scabies at festivals, they weren’t far wrong: although most often spread through sexual contact, they can also be picked up from sharing bedding with someone who’s infected. You’ll know you have it if your genitals or the bits between your fingers and toes itch like hell, leading to inflamed, broken and red skin that weeps to the touch.Their burrows are visible on the skin as little grey ridges. I guess they’re kind of like if herpes and bed bugs had a baby and made a B-line for your genitals. Tasty.