In the past few months I have written and posted a series of stories about my experiences working in an adult bookstore – If only it was just an adult bookstore. Since I have started to post these stories and have become more active in the fight against these crimes that effect everyone and continue to go on, I have been in with others who also want to get this issue solved once and for all. Unfortunately currently the store I worked at and the others along the ―Corridor of Crime‖ located in Philadelphia PA are still open and making money off illegal acts – Sex for Money in the public. This is also going on in other stores across the USA. Just because these stores sell items that are aimed at Adults and sex does that mean they should have sex in the store and the owner of the store making lots of money off of these men having sex with other men in the stores? I don’t think so. Let’s look at it this way just because pharmacies sell medication does that mean we should take this medication and share it with friends while at the drug store under the effects of the medication? Wouldn’t the pharmacy be closed and the pharmacists lose their license? Is there a difference an illegal act is an illegal act. If we want to have these stores stay open and have these acts go on then we should legalize brothels and sex in the public everywhere and open these stores up in every mall across the USA and every bar and tavern should also allow sex in their establishments’ right there on the bar. At least in PA you are over 21 if in a bar, bookstores you only need to be over the age of 18 years.

      As I continue to research and become more and more curious of why these things go on and nothing is done about it I have called and spoke with the police and other officials many have stated that as long as they are over 18years old they see nothing wrong with this. I was at a local restaurant just prior to the elections and a guy who was running for Judge came in. I asked him what he thought, all he said was – what’s wrong with that? A gentleman he came in with that was running for City Council said to a friend of mine that ―I don’t find anything wrong with that prostitution goes on to. With people like this running our government why don’t we just let everyone out of our prisons?

     In January a website opened that is against these sex stores and pornography. I am still researching everything they have on their site but an interesting statistic they have posted is 75% of the House of Representatives have signed a letter to the US Attorney General Holder and over half of the Senate has also signed the letter asking for pornography to be stopped and enforce the laws already in place. Many people in the USA want something done about these issues. Why should store owners make lots of money from sex in the public and they also pay the government by way of sales tax collected to let these stores have illegal acts go on. Why has this gone on for so long with no prosecution taken place to uphold our laws.

Please visit the below site and sign the petition:

Sign The Petition To The President & Mrs. Obama
Mr. President, we call upon you to immediately order Attorney General Holder to begin vigorous prosecution of the major commercial producers and distributors of illegal hardcore obscene pornography.

Mrs. Obama, we urge you to speak out for the dignity and respect of every woman and child and help those exploited and harmed by pornography.

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Recently I found the below post online, I had to edit it because of words that were used and not wanting to offend people on my site who may read this.

I spent almost 2 years while attending university working at an adult book store to earn extra money. The things I saw were unbelievable!!

I once got offered $200 to let some guy b*** me in the back and he did that because he thought I was straight. I’m not but wasn’t openly “out” at the time. I got freaked and I turned him down. He was about 30 and cute so after he left I kinda regretted it to be honest. He came back about 30mins later with the skankiest dirty hustler boy imaginable, b*** him in the back and left. The hustler came up and asked me to break his $50 and I asked him if that’s what he just made. He said “yeah, dude’s one of my regulars, always swallows and if he wants me to f*** him I get $200 because he likes it bareback”
Completely reinforced my call to not let him touch me and after imagining the nasty little punk in front of me inside the dude busting bareback I almost puked!

PS… I have found out that Glory holes are illegal, but the stores make lots of money from them. Just think of the infectious deceases that are spread to the loved ones, family, friends and even unborn children from people who use these.

       How do the owners of these stores live with themselves knowing they help spread decease and possibly help someone die?

       Next time you go by an adult bookstore drive thru the parking lot and look at all the cars, is someone you know there, husband, boyfriend your daughters teacher? Go in and see if they are in the peep shows or theater you will certainly be surprised. The proof is when you go and catch them in the act.
        Now is the time for you to contact your State Representatives, Governors and the US Attorney Generals offices and formally lodge a complaint. We need this on our ballots, If you are in the state of Pennsylvania do it today so we can set the precedence across the USA.

Once again—It’s ALL About the MONEY

Story By John S De Santo I