Putin accused the U.S. of attempting to ‘cancel’ nations that do not accept western values
Russian President Vladimir Putin blasted the U.S. in speech from St. Petersburg Friday, accusing Washington of believing it is “God’s messenger” and warning that the world order is changing.
“After declaring victory in the Cold War, the United States proclaimed itself to be God’s messenger on Earth,” Putin claimed. “They seem to ignore the fact that in the past decades, new powerful and increasingly assertive centers have been formed.”
Putin’s speech, which was delayed for over an hour due to an alleged cyber-attack, focused almost solely on attacking the U.S. and its Western allies
Russia has come under immense international condemnation following the illegal and deadly invasion of Ukraine four months ago – an incursion that has resulted in the greatest threat to European security since World War II.
But Putin, who has long relied on propaganda to drive the political temperature in Russia, suggested Moscow had been hit with severe sanctioning due to Western fears that the global order is changing.
“Our colleagues are not just denying reality. More than that, they are trying to reverse the course of history,” Putin claimed. “They consider themselves exceptional. If they are exceptional, that means everyone else is second rate.”
The Kremlin head accused the U.S. of attempting to “cancel” states that do not accept western values.
Putin claimed Moscow is just the latest victim to be hit by “crazy” and “insane” sanctions and said Western efforts would not stop the world order from changing.
“Nothing lasts forever,” he said. “While planning their economic blitzkrieg, they did not notice, simply ignored the real facts of how much our country had changed in the past few years.”
The U.S., European and other western allies have not only slapped Russia with tough sanctions in an attempt to stymie its war efforts, but have moved to block the sale of Russia’s largest income earners – oil and natural gas.
The European Union, which imported a whopping 40 percent of its energy needs from Moscow prior to its invasion of Ukraine, has said it will cut 90 percent of its Russia oil imports by the end of the year.
Additionally, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen vowed earlier this month to address the other 10 percent as well.
But despite high inflation, its flagging ability to supply its armed forces in Ukraine and rising internal frustrations over economic pains at home, Putin on Friday claimed the West’s efforts were not working.
The Russian president said the efforts to stop his “special military operation” in Ukraine would not work.
He once again claimed his invasion was in response to alleged human rights abuses committed by Kyiv – an accusation the United Nations has repeatedly rejected – and said her was “forced” to invade Ukraine.