To create a photo article, make sure the editor is in WYSIWYG view (showing the icons and buttons).

Scroll down to the lower section of the article editor. There are two options for images associated with the article.

Intro Image

Full Article Image

The intro image is a small image to display in the intro text of the category blog layout of the photos link. The Full Article Image only displays in the full article after clicking the read more or title of the article on the photo links blog layout page.

This template has a css style that will automatically make the intro image smaller in the blog layout. You can use the same image for both the intro and full article image.

  1. Click the insert button next to the intro image text.
  2. Scroll down and click the “Choose Files” button.
  3. Navigate to the small intro image on your hard drive you wish to insert.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. When the upload is finished, scroll up and find the image uploaded in the image list.
  6. Select it and click insert. 

Repeat the above steps for the Full Article Image but skip the upload and simply select the previously uploaded image.
The intro image in the category blog layout will be linked to the full article.

To insert a text description, simply type the text into the text box. If you want to include a short intro text with a read more, place a “Read More” separator in the text box by clicking the Read More button. Text above the read more separator is Intro Text. Text below it is Full Article Text (additional description of the read more separator)