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Zelenskyy visit is a message to Putin that US will back Ukraine for ‘as long as it takes’: White House

  • BlinusKnuckles

6 hours ago

Well , it’s time to say goodbye to the value of the dollar . More money we print and give away , the less valuable our currency is . Depression 2.0 on its way .


21 minutes ago

All our elected officials have destroyed -We the People, freedom, society, Liberty, justice, families, and democracy. Yet those elected officials are the only ones allowed to commit violence, rig elections, manipulate legal justice, and print money with unlimited access to any amounts of money they want.


2 minutes ago

If they destroyed it then you never really had it, wouldn’t you say? And what exactly do you mean by “officials”? Do you mean “officials” in the since of a master or an expert, which?


14 minutes ago

We said goodbye to it a long time ago when they stopped being backed by gold. It has always had a made up market value since then.


4 minutes ago

Bah…I’ve been hearing about the US dollar being worthless soon as long as the internet has been around, Hasn’t happened yet.

  • krozenek

4 minutes ago

It’s time to stop paying taxes. We get nothing but grief for our money and then they send it to everyone else. Had enough. I’m going to start sending them bills instead of tax returns!


2 minutes ago

This guy just keeps asking for billions and we just keep giving it to him. Its almost as if Zelenskyy has dirt of Biden. That would explain the MASSIVE UNPRECEDENTED effort to not allow us to see the contents of the laptop. Nah, I’m just a “conspiracy theorist” I guess…


31 minutes ago

One thing Brandon has been GREAT at (for 50 years!). Spending other people’s money.


20 minutes ago

All our elected officials have destroyed -We the People, freedom, society, Liberty, justice, families, and democracy. Yet those elected officials are the only ones allowed to commit violence, rig elections, manipulate legal justice, and print money with unlimited access to any amounts of money they want.


6 hours ago

I think that if This administration wanted this war to end it would be over. There are some reason that they don’t want it to end whether it be to distract from another political agenda, or are being blackmailed by Ukraine, this war has gone on too too long.

  • SouthFLGuy44

20 minutes ago

You seriously think that Ukraine and the US want this to continue? Please.


20 minutes ago

I agree. I do not know what their end game is. Once this war has ended, I’m sure we will poor billions more into rebuilding and that is where democrats will line their own pockets once again.

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20 minutes ago

What’s happening in Ukraine is sad. However, the US needs to take care of ourselves first. The billions we are sending could be used for infrastructure, education, and securing the border here.

  • craniax

6 hours ago

I said at the beginning of the Russia invasion that the US either should go full throttle against Russia or stay the heck out of the conflict. What I was afraid would happen is exactly what we are doing. Just enough to prevent Russia from taking Ukraine, but not enough to actually expel them for good. So in the process we are running low on stockpiles of our own weaponry while sending them billions of dollars at a time when we are greatly in debt.


1 hour ago

The correct choice was and is to negotiate neutrality for ukraine, and keep NATO away from Russia.


30 minutes ago

There is no way we are low on stockpiles of munitions of war. The amount we spend on the military here dwarfs the entire GDP of most countries. If anyone is telling you this its fearmongering. I’m not saying giving them a blank check is the right thing either, but thats straight misinfo


30 minutes ago

The U.S. has seen few wars lately and especially under Biden that the politicians have not wanted to have the U.S. become involved in. Latest handout to Zelensky and Ukraine – more U.S. borrowed and taxpayer funded dollars, more U.S. and NATO supplied military hardware disappearing and likely into the hands of groups which will eventually use them against both entities. No mention by either Biden, U.S. Congress members, or NATO about Zelensky being a dictator and almost none about Ukrainian corruption.


37 minutes ago

DEMS shut down the govt in 2018-2019 (longest shut down in history) because Trump asked for $5 billion for border security.

DEMS and RINOs just gave Ukraine an ADDITIONAL $45 billion for their border security.


2 minutes ago

Dems offered 25 billion in exchange for the Dreamers Act. Trump turned it down. Trump also said, on video, that he was responsible for the shutdown.

Not even a good try.


6 hours ago

How much more debt will America incur for this? We’re being actively invaded at our southern border, yet we’re shipping billions overseas for a problem Europe should pay for.


6 hours ago

Both Biden and Zelensky are ignoring their people and what their true will is.

The press keeps saying that Russia will fall any day now and that we must keep sending over tens of billions to keep this going. Money, money, money!

Ukraine’s infrastructure, buildings, etc. is going to be destroyed when this war is over. I seriously doubt Ukrainian citizens want to go that far and lose thousands more lives.

  • Leftist_Are_Biden_Diapers

6 hours ago

Zelensky will send a bill for a couple of trillion dollars to rebuild Ukraine and the swamp creatures in DC will happily approve in a heartbeat. But spending $1 for America will take forever.


5 hours ago

Imagine Ronald Reagan waking up to find his Party questioning if the country should continue to support efforts to stop a Russian, yes Russian, invasion. This is the time to show the country that our huge military budget, which continues to grow, is not a complete waste. But the Party of no ideas has decided that maybe Russia should just expand. China next?

  • yagottavoteamr

3 hours ago

In Reagans day, we didn’t have Tent Cities in California. Americans slept in houses, not on the sidewalks. Parents weren’t worried about their childrens school district and whether they would become trans.


31 minutes ago

Perhaps some of us have learned from history. Did the democrats learn nothing from the Vietnam war? We spent billions of dollars and lost 58,000 men for….nothing. After we pulled out in ’75, Saigon fell and south vietnam became communist like the north. All the while the war was going on, the military and our government kept telling us that we were “winning.” Then the “pentagon papers” came out and we learned the truth.


2 minutes ago

Ukraine has been a part of Russia for centuries ! We are no longer capable of being the worlds policeman ! This is not our concern !



Weingarten slammed for tweet highlighting Brittney Griner’s race and sexuality after release: ‘complete clown

One Twitter user commented, ‘What a strange way to speak and think’


Twitter users called out teachers’ union boss Randi Weingarten for her reaction to the news that Brittney Griner was being released from Russian prison, which specifically mentioned that Griner was gay and Black.

While celebrating the news, the head of the American Federation of Teachers mentioned how Griner is a “gay, black woman,” leaving many people scratching their heads as why that description was necessary following the news of the release of the WNBA player.

The Biden administration negotiated the release of Griner from Russian prison in exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout from U.S. custody. Some critics pointed out the proportionality of the deal, claiming that Bout was a notorious criminal seeking to kill American citizens when he was arrested and that U.S. could have sought more Americans freed in return for him.


52 minutes ago

Randi Weingarten gets paid $500K a year to Indoctrinate your children into the Woke World! She supports Gender Identity Training and In Class Drag Parties for Elementary School Students!


13 minutes ago

She can say what she wants, but under her leadership we are now 24th in overall education, 30th to 38th in literacy and math. The vast majority of our 8th graders are functionally illiterate.

Her post is a very good indication as to the why.

  • yrrab24

38 minutes ago

That is why public schools should be shutdown.


1 minute ago

Randi Weingarten is going to hang alongside Fauci and Walensky for crimes against humanity for what they did to the children.

This woman says nothing of quality, ever. How does she keep her role? Hard to believe teachers pay union dues to keep her.


39 minutes ago

Democrats love her. She thinks like they do.


14 minutes ago

they get their tenure and pensions for life – they would pay dues to a corpse


44 minutes ago

“Equity” in a nutshell folks. This path may be our country’s demise. 😎


23 minutes ago

Sadly, you may be right!

  • starjeanla

20 minutes ago

It will certainly bring Armageddon.

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8 minutes ago

No wonder our educational system is crumbling. Weingarten contributes absolutely nothing tangible to the betterment of students attending school in America. Sadly, she is completely void of any moral character; not the kind of leader parents are demanding.


43 minutes ago

She/He/It was just saying the quiet part out loud!


37 minutes ago

This entire fiasco is just a small drop compared to the OCEAN of fraud, deceit, lying and out right treason that the existing Biden Administration has propagated for the past 2 years.

It is just disgusting. As they say, what goes around, comes around. – and boy is there a long line of people that are going to get theirs.

  • spidergc

31 minutes ago

The Democrats are upset because Randi just admitted the reasons they worked to get her out before Paul.


27 minutes ago

I’d say Weingarten should stick to what she knows best, but there isn’t anything she knows best.


25 minutes ago

Classic post!!



47 minutes ago

Because the description is what is important to the Biden Administration. The USA is a big joke today.


23 minutes ago

I’m totally embarrassed!🤬


18 minutes ago

Defund public schools aka Indoctrination Centers. Give parents tax rebates for homeschooling or the private school their choice.


Cowboys star rips Biden over Brittney Griner release, walks back scathing tweets

Micah Parsons expressed surprise over the fact that deal did not include Marine veteran Paul Whelan



1 hour ago

Everyone should be shocked but veterans knew this was coming. He doesn’t care about us in the least. It’s all about the votes. I hope people see right through this like this young man did.


26 minutes ago

I’m no expert in international negotiations, however trading a pot smoking woman who sounds identical to a dude for someone known as the “Merchant of death.” I don’t think we got the better end of that deal. Just saying.


2 minutes ago

Amen, 12798!


13 minutes ago

Terrible deal. Weak Biden never gets a good deal for Americans. I am so disgusted that Biden is unable to get veterans out of those prison places. I am glad that Brittany Griner is out of there. But Whelan and Griner both should have been exchanged for that arms dealer.


2 minutes ago

Why didn’t Trump secure release of the Whelan in 2018? Or 2019? Or 2020? Or January 2021? Trump’s disdain for our military, shown time and time again is unconscionable.


1 minute ago

His dead son was a veteran so don’t say he doesn’t care about veterans. I voted for Trump but was done with him once he wanted to take IU away from veterans. I have 2 friends who could not live without it. Luckily, the VFW made such a stink he had to drop it. I did not vote for Biden or Trump in the last election. Hopefully, we will have good choices in 2024. DeSantis is looking good but we may have a few more good choices soon.

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2 hours ago

Pro Athlete = Entertainment. Military Veteran = Freedom/Courage/Sacrifice… What do our active and retired military personnel have to prove in order to be recognized? We US Citizens need to wake up. Why do we remain sleeping while the real heroes are forgotten? WAKE UP AMERICA!

2 hours ago

I agree totally. There is no way a drug using “athlete” should be more important than a veteran to get back home. The Biden administration is a disgrace.


1 hour ago

Afghanistan and now this? How can anyone support this administration at this point?


2 hours ago

This administration has proven it disdain for our military time and time again. From the vax mandate, to the Afghan pullout, and now to this prisoner swap. To trade the Merchant of Death for a basketball player, who did break Russian law, over a marine that has served this country is unconscionable.


20 minutes ago

Unconscionable? You’re implying that people in the Biden administration have a conscience. Look at they’ve done since day one.


19 minutes ago

A basketball player who disrespects America vs a Marine who fought for us.


2 minutes ago

Have you stopped to think that maybe Whelan is guilty of espionage. The fact that Trump was also unable to get him released makes me think that there might be some truth to the allegations.

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2 hours ago

Wanting a US service member home has ZERO to do with Trump. Why walk back your statement and apologize? He is a patriot that fought for the country. She is a basketball player. Who got brought home? That’s really all that needs to be said. Current military members better pay attention. This adminis…See more


22 minutes ago

You left out a basketball player who took a knee for the National anthem.


26 minutes ago

Exactly why this veteran does not recommend going into the military. Not only does the O’Biden cabal not have your back; they will require you to be injected, against your will, with poisonous vaccines.


53 minutes ago

As a retired veteran, again I see politicians (like Hillary/ Benghazi) leaving our troops to fend for themselves as they clearly care more for the political implications of their moves than the well-being of Americans and specifically our troops (past or present). We won’t ever forget.

1 hour ago

Boy, I miss Trump

AP Report

Trump Just Achieved What Every President Since Nixon Had Promised: Energy Independence

04:37 PM ET 12/07/2018

Energy Security: Last week, the U.S. exported more oil than we imported, for the first time in 70-plus years. And it happened not because of decades of federal “energy policies,” but despite them.

Since Richard Nixon was in the White House, presidents have pushed national energy plans that, they said, would reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil. These plans all had one thing in common — they all assumed that increased domestic oil production couldn’t solve the problem.

Instead, from Nixon on down, Republican and Democratic presidents declared that the only way to achieve energy independence was through some combination of strict conservation measures and “alternative” forms of energy.

Lo and behold, Trump was right.

Advanced drilling technologies have opened vast expanses of domestic oil and natural gas. And as domestic production skyrocketed, imports have been steadily dropping.

Trump understands that energy independence doesn’t require yet another “energy plan” that tells people to wear more sweaters in the winter and wastes money on “new” energy sources.

It just requires government to get out of the way so that oil companies can get at the vast supplies of good old oil right under our own feet .


2 hours ago

Smart player, recognizes when he is being used.


2 hours ago

Trading her for a terrorist will finish us off. The chasm has no widened, and it’s pretty clear what is going on. Watch for ALL drug related offenders, everywhere, to be released, let off, pardoned. Escalated crime will ensue, of course, destabilizing the entire country, while they conveniently enact laws constricting weapons, ammunition, capacity, number and size. Stock up now, hide them away, it’s coming.


1 hour ago

Woke player, recognizes when standing up for what he believes in is less popular than kneeling like Geriner does. There, fixed it for ya.

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2 hours ago

It’s sad that someone has to walk back, explain, justify or apologize for expressing a sincere opinion.


44 minutes ago

Because he is afraid he will lose his high paying job and money by saying anything against a democrat, the protected people.


2 hours ago

Freedom of speech still has leftist chains attached to it!

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2 hours ago

I am not angry at Biden; he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. I am angry at all the people who support a president that places people who denounce this country over those who fight for this country.


1 hour ago

So you’re saying Biden has zero culpability? That’s almost as scary as the people who support him.


46 minutes ago

Biden knows exactly what hes doing. I’m not buying the old man routine anymore. Old Crusty is fully aware of how much damage he is causing.


2 hours ago

No need to apologize about anything Parsons. Most are feeling the same way you are. I’m glad you said it out loud. Thank you.


1 hour ago

His anti-Joe comment got his brothers up in arms.


1 hour ago

Unfortunately he caved to “people he respects” and apologized for having an opinion and an emotion. Two things not allowed with the “woke” dopes.


Biden prisoner exchange for Brittney Griner leaves behind Marine veteran Paul Whelan — again

Paul Whelan’s family wants President Biden to be more ‘assertive’ and take Russian prisoners


1 hour ago

This is a real problem. I think this deal should not have been made until both prisoners could come home. This is not a democratic issue – compromise is not acceptable.


3 minutes ago

Perhaps a quick read of “The Art of the Deal” should have happened first…


1 hour ago

Somehow a professional athlete is more important than a person who served his country with honor. We truly live in the Twilight Zone.


6 minutes ago

Just the fact that he has been there so much longer should have made him priority. It’s unjust of Biden to do this.


11 minutes ago

This release is a commentary on American priorities…


Doubt it. More likely the negotiation for Paul Whelan is just much more difficult. There was a reason Trump wasn’t able to get it done.


46 minutes ago

Griner new the what she did wasn’t legal, but she did it anyway. Elite sports status should not excuse someone who doesn’t follow the law.


1 hour ago

They also leave behind Marc Fogel who was in there for less than 20 grams of marijuana. Is this because he’s white or not famous or is there something different about his case?

He wasn’t listed as “wrongfully detained” but I have been unable to find the difference other than race & celebrity status.


33 minutes ago

He does not check the right boxes.


22 minutes ago

Yes, it is because he’s white. We all know it, just start saying it.


1 hour ago

I’m guessing there are those who believe Griner is an American hero and an example to emulate, but I’m not one of those people. Griner broke the law, and though I believe her punishment was extreme, it isn’t my place to say how the international community passes sentence. That said, there are true Patriots (not White Nationalists) imprisoned all over the world that deserve brokered release before Griner. It is disheartening that this administration will claim this as a victory, but unfortunately their victory has further destabilized the world and shown the current strength of our country.


1 hour ago

Watch the Biden administration do a “victory lap” and parade Britney Griner around the country as hope for all lesbians.

The trade for Viktor Bout (other than for symbolism), was about as one-sided in favor of the Russians as one could get.

But in the inverted world of American society, it will be viewed as the ultimate triumph.


59 minutes ago

This is a TRUE travesty. It’s like the Yankees trading Aaron Judge for me.


41 minutes ago

So our military veterans continue to get third class treatment (recall the Afghan withdrawal?) while those who entertain us are the privileged ones. What a wonderful president we have!


22 minutes ago

Not his voters, not his problem.


21 minutes ago

Our country has been like this for a long time and unfortunately it will get worse.


1 hour ago

Well what do you know. Think I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat…


44 minutes ago

Sad to say but it hasn’t been a puzzle for a very long time.


59 minutes ago

Gay, Black, Woke, Athlete, had other Woke people clamoring for It.


44 minutes ago

Whelan’s brother/family is far more gracious than I could be under the circumstances. I will pray for Paul Whelan’s imminent release.


41 minutes ago

They have no choice. If they rock the boat, then Biden will stop any effort to get him released.


40 minutes ago

there is a website to assist (mr. whelen), if you want or choose to.

better than giving $ to the money laundering, bigoted and racist:

BLM (my thoughts).


1 hour ago

This speaks volumes on the current priorities of this country. We have a shortage of enlistments in the service; this will do severe damage to recruiting efforts and morale of existing service men and women.


23 minutes ago

Would you serve under this? They are leaving in droves. It will be all minorities and illegals before long.


41 minutes ago

We need a president who knows how to negotiate. Oh, wait….


1 hour ago

Released because there is more recognition. Not saving someone who loves their country are they? What happened in 2020? This is not the country where I grew up. Patriotism vanished.


1 hour ago

Makes me wonder about the patriotism of the Biden administration, at the very least it is certainly questionable!


1 hour ago

There are some of us still patriotic in this fight to make America great again.


White House response to University of Virginia shooting invokes ‘assault weapons’ ban

Congress passed a bipartisan gun control bill in June after a spate of mass shootings

• I am so fed up of people willing to give up their rights for the promise of security from the government When has the government done anything right? The last assault weapons ban was allowed to sunset because it was ineffective in reducing gun violence.
It makes political hay for the left, and that’s all they care about.
o mwilkinson4
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity…

The focus on assault weapons even when they’re not involved tells you all you need to know. They want to rid the citizenry of their ability to resist government, not end everyday gun violence.
o justinplayfair
Yep, when they propose a “solution” that obviously won’t fix the problem you know that fixing the problem isn’t really their goal.
Spot on! They do not actually care about these shootings. They want to take away the final piece of the puzzle keeping them from having ruling power over the people.
• brianr4k
As long as Democrats keep blaming firearms instead of people the problem will never be resolved. But that’s what they want. It’s what they NEED. They DON’T want crime and shootings to go down simply because they want more excuses for useless “gun control” laws. It has nothing to do with savings lives.

o opwe01044

Exactly! People who kneel at the alter of baby killing do not really care about life itself.

Wake up people. The last “assault weapons ban” would have banned the most popular handgun in the world. They are going after everything not just AR15s

Why do we ask for gun control laws after every gun related assault but never ask for hammer control Laws after a hammer attack!? Come on man. We don’t need less guns we need more legally carrying folks so that we can defend ourselves from These comrades that think laws don’t apply To them.
Right, especially after the Pelosi assault!
Just another excuse for the communist dems to take our guns away. Biden could care less about the victims who were shot.

I’ve got news for Brandon! The Second Amendment! A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed….
The citizens of this country would be well served to read part 29 of the Federalist Papers
o doddlebug
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If this happened in NYC he’d be released by now without bail.
o pixeleffects
Or SF or LA or any liberal run city.

It doesn’t matter how many bans you put in place. This lunacy will continue and liberal policies to reduce protection of self for citizens and release crazed monsters with no bail will only lead to more crime with guns. Good luck getting the Supreme Court to uphold this ruling
To be fair, we can’t really expect Biden to grasp the facts and understand what actually happens in America. He just repeats bits and pieces of what he hears. His staff is worse.
• dennisinwv
It is not guns. It is violent people committing violent acts.
For the most part, a violent certain type of people. The puzzle is almost always easy to solve.


California hospitals using overflow tents for rising number of flu patients

Health care professionals unsure if season is peaking early or will be sustained through winter

• Bgunz
In reality, the majority of those patients don’t need any type of hospital care. They’re likely on Medicare or some form of Medicaid. As usual,wasting govt dollars.

The vast majority of them are probably illegals. Taxpayer picks up the tab for their treatment.
Medicare and Medicaid are paid for by the recipients, not the federal government.
Not accurate. You might want to research that a bit.
Medicaid is paid for by the taxpayers.
After the relentless covid debacle, we don’t believe ANYTHING they say, and we don’t believe ANYTHING is being handled competently. All credibility is irreversibly lost.
There never was a reason to trust “governments” and those alleged “experts”
I guess medicine has gone “woke”, among other evils. My confidence in doctors is just above zero.

They are going off bad statistics first of all. I know first hand majority of the hospitals were not checking for the flu last year. Covid was the only concern so I would go back to before Covid for stats. Also everyone’s immune system is suppressed from all the masks and quarantine. California and…

At least they’re calling it the flu again. There’s no telling how many lives these mask mandates, lockdown mandates, and vaccine mandates pushed by liberal politicians have destroyed. COVID was a scam of biblical proportions. And who got rich from it? The politicians and the elitesL
The flu disappeared for 2 years now it magically reappeared.

Well, what do you bet that most all of these patients had their immune systems weakened because of the COVID shots???

people in California kept themselves inside for for more than two years and there immune system as become weaker because of it ..
That is not how immunology works.

Flu cases are up this year over last year because last year they were calling the flu cases Covid-

You know there are tests for that right?

This is what happens when you run around in a mask. You need germs to build a natural immunity to sickness.
But the masks don’t work, remember? It is likely more about the use or antimicrobials everywhere in your home and on your body all the time.
Even over using hand wash is bad for you.

Wait… I thought the flu went away. During covid there were no flu cases… what gives?? Lol…
Get rid of the illegals and the hospitals won’t be overwhelmed. You can expect this for the entire country thanks to Joe and his 2.7 million(and growing) guests
California is a sanctuary State. That isn’t happening any time soon.


Open borders complicates our flue and virus season.
Is the government still subsidizing hospitals for Covid patients? If so that would explain it.

The covid ‘vaccine’ has weakened the immune system of those who took it
No, that makes no sense from an immunology standpoint. That is the same as suggesting those who received a polio vaccine are now more susceptible to Hep B.

Funny I don’t hear about a huge rise in cases anywhere else. Also, didn’t they already announce that the drug companies were infusing the covid vax with the influenza vax as a combo? I believe I’ll be passing this flu vaccine up also.

It’s up everywhere. Certainly in Texas.
• annamaree
Weren’t they still blaming any/all illness on Covid last year? Seem to remember how they mentioned the flu was not as prevalent…
Correct the flu was not as prevalent. There is a huge amount of data indicating the low flu rate was due to people isolating while sick and masking.

Top Biden immigration official being forced from job amid record border crossings, source says

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus has held the job for about a year

johnqgalt991 He’s been told to fall on his sword and serve as a lightning rod for the administration. High enough to make people think something real is happening, low enough that it won’t make a difference. If you really want to know if this is really significant, just watch to see what his next job is. If …
EarnedlLiving Your perspective is disturbingly spot on!
• G
gweezle Was he someone who was starting to see the light as far as the border situation goes? Did he simply grow a conscience and decide he wanted to do things the right way? what a world we live in when people who simply want to do things the way things should be done is vilified. But the full story is not out and I may be coming to assumptions too quick. But Mayorkas himself is a literally a disease and should’ve been gone long ago.
Fox_ShadowBanned_My_Last_ID35 minutes agoThrown under the bus as cover for MyDorkis. The problem starts at the top…
DespotsCoerce33 Yeah. He is to be the scapegoat for this administration’s failures. He said it himself, he was bringing forth responses from the men and women in the field. I’m sure Mayorkas didn’t like that. In addition, some other “official” said they’d be in a meeting and he would bring up “side bars” that were not discussed in the meeting. I’m guessing that would be the only way he could address the real issues the policy was causing. Again, not a YES man. And Mayorkas doesn’t like that. #scapegoat
• logiceveryone So was he trying to enforce policies Mayorkas was not in favor of, or unable to make Mayorkas policies work? One way or the other, it appears they are trying to make him the fall guy. Mayorkas needs to go.
metman21 should be the next to go or at the very least, be impeached right out of the gate.
pawpawof63151 s all Brandon’s plan
1 replyingM
midgewright I think that the Biden administration should have just left everything the way it was when he took over…the border, pipelines, Afghanistan, foreign policies, everything. This country would not be in the shape it is now if he just did NOTHING.
O 1
12calif9a 107,000+ Americans in 2021 dead from drugs by Cartel enterprise using an open border. Korea & Vietnam wars deaths after years of fighting are roughly the same amount. Apparently, the number doesn’t fall under Homeland Security.
The_Chronicles_of_Corn_Pop1 hour agoOnly the Legislative Branch has the constitutional authority to regulate immigration. The Executive Branch’s duty is to preserve, protect and defend our sovereignty; doing the opposite is BLATANT TREASON.
• N
Nonnie51 Magnus was a VERY POOR CANDIDATE judging from his interview in the Senate. Good BYE. The real problem starts at the top however. I am sure the reason for his dismissal is not just bc so many have crossed the border, just an excuse. He just filled one of their “special” categories of hires.. MAYORKAS should go first as he is one who says the Border “IS SECURE”. He and His Boss SHOULD be RELIEVED OF DUTY…
RationalObserver538 Magnus was a lousy pick for this job but one that would be expected of this administration. He supports sanctuary cities/states and opposed Arizona’s tough immigration law when he was Tuscon, AZ police chief. Apparently, several CBP execs threatened to quit if Magnus was not fired.
o hayring Magnus has served his purpose; a warm body to throw under the bus at the most opportune time. Insulate Mayorkas, Harris, & Biden from the immigration disaster.
• MontauktheEnd2 Just remember that lieutenant colonel Stuart Scheller was the only one who lost his job after the disastrous withdrawal of the United States forces in Afghanistan. I’m sure this man is just another token.
davel3272 He was probably told he was the token and he told them to take a hike. Probably a negotiation tool to get a better package. Not sure if government employees can get a package on the way out the door.
o intotheabyss1 I got really excited when I thought Mayorkas got kicked to the curb but I should have known they’d find some sacrificial lamb to take the fall for the mess at the border. Here’s a clue – FINISH THE WALL AT THE BORDER.
• 2
2rogerl12 Apparently he WANTS to do his job, but that doesn’t mesh with their policy. Alejandro Mayorkas is the one that should be fired.
Broken_Toaster_Review6381 hour agoAlejandro Mayorkas said in an interview he works 18 hrs a day…doing what exactly? Pushing the papers around on his desk?
idconservative1 Right after biden, Harris and Pelosi
• E
elusa9812 Mayorkas is the one who should be fired he took an oath to protect and defend against foreign and domestic enemies. The border is open and we are being lied to by him.
wherearewegoing Your words are so true! This is one time I wish I was a Democrat so I could vote thumbs up more than once!!!!
tlk3331 He needs to be impeached! Remove him completely, never to return again!
• spartan8441 The whole leadership chain from Mayorkas to Magnus should resign or be fired to include their deputies, advisors, lackies and front office support staff. They have abandoned their oath to the U.S. Constitution and ignored the law.
• mrmaxx2 He probably tried to enforce the law. That is why he is getting fired.
orcasguy Do you see ANY evidence that ANYBODY tries to enforce the laws?
o MontauktheEnd2 I guess he used the wrong pronouns in a meeting…


Trump voters are ‘done’ with ex-president: ‘He needs to disappear’

That is what the swamp wants you to think. Make no mistake, the swamp is still running the show. Trump is trying to dismantle the swamp. We have to dismantle the elitist swamp. More taxes, higher inflation and less ownership, it’s exactly what the World Economic Forum wants for the non-elite.

Though I agree with you the fact is the swamp elite and media bias has rued the day. Trump is damaged goods – perceptually there is no argument. Once they get Trump out of the way just watch what they do to Desantis. Unfortunately however, Trump May end up doing it for them

Whichever non-establishment politician becomes the nominee will suffer the same fate as Trump from the Democrats, lame stream media and all never Trumpers. Their irrational reaction has nothing to do with one man or woman.

Dude, get over it. Trump only cares about Trump. I voted for the guy twice but I’m done after how he reacted in Georgia in 2020. He could have won the Senate for Republicans but instead reacted like a petulant child. A lot of the misery this country is going through could have been avoided. Tr…

Trump was great as he spoke out against the machine. But if he is going to start creating chaos and slander a guy like DeSantis now, he has officially lost his mind. He is going to start challenging Madonna for craziest internet behavior. Cultivate DeSantis as a VP candidate at the very least. Trum..

Trump knows what he’s doing. Something is definitely up or it’s political theater and he’s baiting the fake news.

Absolutely Trump needs to take himself off the front page and graciously support the next movement. Unfortunately, he is incapable of this and may destroy the party.

Not exactly sure whats up with all the anti Trump stuff on NY Post, but its false ideology because has way more supporters than anyone in the Republican party. If he ran for president again, he would have a better chance at winning than anyone else because we’ve seen how great he rant he country be…

He may win the primary, but he would not win a general election. He would unite the left in opposition like no one else can. He would lose independents and many moderate.

They (GOP) don’t want Trump to run because winning is not in their interest. What ever deals they’re mankind behind close doors, God help us. They didn’t back Trump in 2016. Trump is his own man. The only reason Trump won was because Americans backed him. The NYP got their marching orders already…….



Will Fetterman’s victory change the way the media covers disabilities?

  • I also had a stroke several years ago and am almost back to 100%. That is not the point. Fetterman is at a high risk of having another stroke within the first year and should be recuperating now and working on his health (his policies and flip-flopping aside).

When his opening debate comment was “good night everyone“, it said a lot about his condition. One can feel for his disability as the man struggles to complete a coherent sentence even with a teleprompter in front of him. So it’s going to hard to make persuasive arguments in the senate.

He is doing what means the most to him right? It is not just about politics it is his way of life to help people. Hopefully the rigors of a thankless job will not cause a repeat but he has the determination to represent ALL of the people and do that well for his state. What more could you ever ask …

People voted with their emotions rather than logic. Kind of like how we ended up with our current president.

Poeple in PA simply proved that people should have to take an IQ test before being allowed to vote.

Fetterwoman’s election is Exhibit I against early mail-in voting, especially when it begins 4-6 weeks BEFORE election day. Fetterwoman hid the severity of his illness by hiding in his basement and refused to debate until 10/25 – after over a million votes were cast. It would be interesting to know..


More crime is coming to Pennsylvania .   He a democrat crime is up in the USA




Biden vows to work with Republicans who have ‘good’ ideas, but not on some issues

The only ideas he thinks are good ideas are far left ideological thoughts that aren’t based in reality. So the fact of the matter is, regardless of what he says or claims, he has no intention of working with Republicans at all. If the Republicans do capture the house, and that is still very much in

Read the article. The only “strings attached” he mentioned are that he won’t tolerate cutting Social Security or Medicare, and he won’t stand for abortion bans. This plus he wants tax cuts for middle and working classes rather than the usual GOP trickle down tax cuts for the rich. Given the results…

I will be happy for the next two years if NO new bills are passed. NONE. Any time a new bill is passed, it costs me more tax money. They all have great ideas (they think), but the way to pay for it is always new taxes on high income earners. Do nothing. Fine by me.

Maybe if the GOP stopped giving tax cuts to the rich as they continue to push the myth of trickle down economics we wouldn’t be in as big of trouble as we are.

I like it. Do nothing and then in ‘24 tell him to “GTFOH we have a mess to clean up”.

That is a negative statement but I don’t think he has to worry about SS or medicare, the Republicans have no plans to cut or do away with that. He should be willing to work with all people and listen to all ideas, that is his job.

That is a negative statement but I don’t think he has to worry about SS or medicare, the Republicans have no plans to cut or do away with that. He should be willing to work with all people and listen to all ideas, that is his job.

The rep’s have NO plans….well, Jim Jordon wants to investigate the origins of the Jan 6th committee ????

This is a huge relief to me. For a moment, I thought he was only going to talk to the GOP about the bad ideas he and his party have. What a relief!!!!

Anyone figure out that high gas prices include a tax on everyone, but hurt lower income people more? Same with inflation.


How the Supreme Court could break the internet as we know it


At the end of 1982 I determined the government was severely corrupt and the public should be warned. In a censored society I would not be able to tell you the government is corrupt and you would go through life blissfully ignorant of the truth. Private companies should not have the right to control public opinion based on their own taste or political position

I would support no political post at all. People don’t realize that only 6 large corporations control all the news they want you to hear or see. It used to be over a 180 and they had to report both sides of a story. Now they create hate and demonize the other sides view.

The social media platforms abused the protection that section 230 gave them by way of bias and discrimination for political control and gain. There is violation of law and then there is violation of the 1st Amendment . They chose to violate our Constitutional Rights for political gain and they need to pay the price.

Thanks to admissions by Zuckerberg and other evidence, we now know for certain that the DOJ/FBI conspired with the big tech companies to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation” right before the 2016 election. Based on subsequent surveys of voters, this influenced the way many people voted. Even if this wasn’t enough to have changed the election outcome, no company or industry should have the power to exercise such influence on an election! Go Supreme Court!!