Our Children Are At Risk
Pornography And Adult Bookstores
The War That Could Be Stopped

 Philadelphia by: John S De Santo I

It happens all the time and the headlines across the nation and around the www World Wide Web were plastered with articles about child molesters in 2013. What has the world come to? These people were not born this way. Something happened to make them do this. Yes sex is a natural instinct but forcing yourself on anyone especially a child is unnatural. Did they learn this from pornography and adult bookstores? Although pornography has been around for a long time and so have adult bookstores it gets worse all the time. Compare it to TV shows, things you see and that are acceptable on TV today would never of been acceptable 50 years ago or even 10 years ago. The pornography industry is the same way. What started as pinup girls and playboy or playgirl centerfolds has turned into a lure of making people think molestation and rape is acceptable. These people are the same people that with the help of the internet have brought the seedy side of life to the public for all ages to see. In the last 10 or so years it has become normal for these people to go on the internet and advertise the adult bookstores, they tell people when they will be there, what they are looking for and what the owner of these stores will allow you to do while there. Let me tell you it is not hard to find the sites that they advertise this sickness on, even if you are not looking for them they find you with online advertising thru pop-ups and email. I bet you have seen them and if you have so have your children. These stores that in the past people may have thought men were going in to watch girls on videos or live performing sexual acts for money are now proving that their existence is no more than a brothel in disguise where men go to have sex with other men while the owners make thousands of dollars. One here in Delaware County PA charges $5.00 to get in the back room, once back there you can watch videos while as you wait for young boys to come in so that you can have sex with each other in a booth. Our law enforcement does nothing to stop this even when alerted as to what is going on they will say that it is not their departments job. So even though there are laws that say no sex in the public and sex for pay is illegal these stores get away with it and no one does anything about it. Why have laws if you are not going to enforce them? If our law enforcement and people in positions that should be enforcing these laws are not shouldn’t they be fired for not doing their job? Nobody that can do anything about this will take responsibility to stop it, sweep it under the rug and hope that people don’t realize. If a girl is standing on the corner selling herself they may do something but if you are in a adult bookstore anything goes. Sounds like somebody is getting paid off to me, right on up to the top officials. Oh that’s right they do something about it if it is a note worthy person someone in the limelight, clergy or politics then you hear about it all over the news. 

Our Future, Our Children’s Future and our morals are in danger. Our Healthcare costs will increase because of diseases being transferred, you don’t think these people have protected sex do you. When the customers of these stores run out of money or if they want to reenact something that they saw in a movie or fantasized about after being controlled by the addiction of the pornography industry and adult bookstore owners, they will come after the innocent on the streets will it be you, your mother, wife, sister or maybe even your child. Is that what it will take for you to finally contact your local law enforcement and put a stop to these stores?    

Now is time for all of us to call the Attorney General’s offices in our states let them know you want these stores stopped now.

Remember if we allow these stores then we should do away with most laws why should one person be punished for a crime while you knowing let others run rampant doing the same crime. Many of the men who frequent these stores are married so don’t think just because you are married with children that this does not affect you it does. Perhaps more then you know. It is also not just men from a certain salary level a large majority of the men who frequent these stores have notable jobs who create an illusion to make their friends and family think they live in a fairytale perfect life all the while lying, cheating and stealing their families of a real life and sometimes killing them from within or bringing diseases home that the family never asked for.

If you are a victim of one of these people forcing themselves on you in an adult bookstore do not be ashamed they prey on the innocent. Come forward and lodge a complaint against the store and the person so that they do not do this to others.