“REAL MONEY” T-SHIRTS @ http://executees.net/mens.html\r\n\r\nA scan of news reports shows these horrible crimes becoming even more common, occurring at the rate of one every week or two.\r\n\r\nIf that rate holds up, the increase is huge. The previous rate was one or two every three months, according to Rand of the Violence Policy Center.\r\n\r\nA doubling in murder-suicide from one or two per day–the average for the United States–to more than two or three a day is also evident from my news tracking this year.\r\n\r\nMost experts cited in news reports emphasize the correlation between the killings and the economic downturn. And in our book, “Death by Domestic Violence: Preventing the Murders and the Murder-Suicides,” my co-author and I did find that unemployment and other financial difficulties were themes in whole-family murder-suicides.\r\n\r\nThis fact may help explain why in some places that have been hard hit by this severe Depression–Atlantic City, N.J., and throughout Florida–the increase in murder-suicides has been particularly acute, as indicated by my investigation of news sources.