On September 9th millions of Americans will gather in Washington D.C. to let their Congressmen and Senators know that they are sick and tired of the crimes being committed by the Obama administration, that they have had enough of the coverups, lies, and scandals that are endemic in the Executive Branch, and that they want their elected Representatives to take immediate action to Impeach – and imprison – Barack Hussein Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder.\n\nThe People are not satisfied with the efforts being made in Congress to get to the bottom of the various scandals. High Crimes and Misdemeanors have been committed against the People of the United States – including the extra-judicial murders of American citizens who had never even been charged with a crime – and they demand that Congress take more forceful action, issuing subpoenas and warrants for the the arrest of those individuals who refuse to tell Congress the truth about their involvement.\n\nIt has been almost a year since the American mission in Benghazi was attacked by al-Qaeda terrorists, the same terrorists Obama unleashed on Libyan dictator Moammar Gadaffi, and the State Department has refused to allow the victims of the attack to testify before Congress; even threatening those who do wish to testify with jail should they tell Congressional investigators the truth.\n\nThis is beyond unacceptable. The People are so angry that a recent poll shows that 29% of them see a violent revolution as the only way Americans will be able to regain their freedom. Bobby Powell, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Truth Is Viral, has a plan that just might wake up those members of Congress and the Senate who live in a bubble, insulated from their constituents, who are either unaware – or are complicit in Treason with Obama – that their actions are leading to a bloodbath.\n\nREAD THE REST AT: WWW.BOBPOWELL.BLOGSPOT.COM