Philadelphia by: John S De Santo I

In a writers veiw

Since the early 1980s AIDS / HIV has been spreading and killing people around the globe. Every year the number of cases grows and we continue to throw money at the research to find a cure. I agree we need to find a cure for this horrific decease that spreads and kills many. At this point there really is no boundary of who can contract the decease. There are ways to help control the spread of this and other diseases but our government at least here in the USA will not take the easy steps to try and slow down this continuing epidemic.


The healthcare industry and decease researchers may be doing this for a reason and they have the government and law enforcement agencies on their side. What could this reason be? Part of it is so that they can continue to milk millions or perhaps billions of dollars a year out of the people of the world, but many think that there is a hidden agenda of population control or thinning the herd.

Since we know that one of the easiest ways to contract many deceases is through sexual contact wouldn’t you close down stores that allow sexual acts in the public? Where people mainly men have sex with other men that they do not know and many times will never see again. Sometimes they never even see them when having sex since a lot of these stores have glory holes where you can have sex oral and anal and never see the whole person you are having sex with. The owners of these stores knowingly allow these acts to go on because they make thousands of dollars a week even on slow weeks letting these acts take place. DING! DING! There is that money factor again. You may think that the men that go to these stores are all openly gay or come from the other side of life or tracks and if you do you would be sadly wrong. Many of these men that go to these places live a family life with a wife, kids and dog. They go to church every Sunday but when they can get away to this fantasy place they go all the way many performing sexual acts in the public that most people cannot even imagine really happen.

When these stores that allow these sexual acts are reported to law officials nothing is done. Even the CDC does nothing about these places. Adult Book Stores and Bath Houses are nothing more than brothels.

But these stores do something that some may really like, they spread deceases that keep people in the healthcare and decease research fields busy. They make lots of money for these fields the stores also make lots of money for the government agencies that should be closing them down they bring crime into the neighborhoods and also payoffs from the owners to people in the government agencies.

In the end the spreading of deceases and the deaths that happen because of them help to cut down on our population. They say the world is getting overpopulated what better way to help thin the herd then to make people think that these stores are ok and that people who live in this lifestyle are proud to be a part it. These people enjoy what goes on in these stores and it makes them think it is their right to frequent them and have sex with strangers while keeping the owners rich and spreading deceases to one another and unsuspecting family members  

Are we willing to have our population or herd thinned this way? If your answer is yes to that then by all means fight for what you believe and your death may be next. If your answer is no it is time to contact your governor and all level of politicians and law enforcement and let them know we cannot stand for this anymore. Contact your Health benefits providers let them know that people who go to these stores should not be allowed to drive up your health care dollars they need to be tagged and marked as high risk. Stop the thinning of the herd now close down these stores so that we can really stop a decease and not just make a vaccine to inhibit the spreading of these or prolong the lives of the people that may have chosen to put themselves in a high risk category. These drugs that hide the symptoms really just keep the pharmaceutical arm of health care busy and rich as well as the doctors.       

Do not think that this does not impact you it DOES. It could be your spouse, child or friend that goes to these stores and even if you are lucky enough that all of your family, friends and their friends and family are saints your pockets are affected by higher healthcare costs and taxes.

Remember we need to Save Our Children’s Future!