April 1st  


Our world is run by worldwide corporations. They control what work goes where, how much things will cost and who has jobs. They have people fly here and there for meetings many times the costs of having people fly for a one hour meeting is ridiculous.

Now we have had these flights rip into every culture and country round the planet. Do we not have technologies that make it so you can have virtual real time meetings? Do we not have screens to put up visuals of the main speakers in real time? Why are we flying people around countries and the world for these meetings? We have the ability to fly many prototypes round the world in just days. We can share screens install software and show how software works virtually.

Why do we allow the CEO’s of the corporations to put our lives in jeopardy not only for mechanical mishaps that can happen while traveling but now we have proof of what can happen if health issues are happening in one country how quickly it can travel round the world withend results of Mass Health Pandemic and Death.

Next time you are asked to travel to another city, state or country for a meeting JUST SAY NO we can use technology instead to bring us together.