At the end of 1982 I determined the government was severely corrupt and the public should be warned. In a censored society I would not be able to tell you the government is corrupt and you would go through life blissfully ignorant of the truth. Private companies should not have the right to control public opinion based on their own taste or political position

I would support no political post at all. People don’t realize that only 6 large corporations control all the news they want you to hear or see. It used to be over a 180 and they had to report both sides of a story. Now they create hate and demonize the other sides view.

The social media platforms abused the protection that section 230 gave them by way of bias and discrimination for political control and gain. There is violation of law and then there is violation of the 1st Amendment . They chose to violate our Constitutional Rights for political gain and they need to pay the price.

Thanks to admissions by Zuckerberg and other evidence, we now know for certain that the DOJ/FBI conspired with the big tech companies to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation” right before the 2016 election. Based on subsequent surveys of voters, this influenced the way many people voted. Even if this wasn’t enough to have changed the election outcome, no company or industry should have the power to exercise such influence on an election! Go Supreme Court!!