Philadelphia by: John S De Santo I

Are your pockets and bank accounts empty? Why? Research shows that you can make more money than ever allowing people to do illegal activities in a store open to the public. As long as you open it up as an adult bookstore or adult entertainment store you will not have any problems. If you are ok with this so far then you most likely won’t care if you destroy families, marriages, peoples’ lives including young children and unborn babies along the way. You may even be able to sleep knowing your helped infect people with diseases and some will die from these even the unborn child that never had a chance. All of this happens and is true – Read on to find out more and you can be wealthy in no time. 

How can you do this? Open an adult bookstore or adult entertainment store and because they are open to the public you will be making money from the peep shows and glory holes and theaters in no time. Forget about living in a small home or paying rent you could own a mansion and even give them as presents. The owners of these stores pockets are full of money and they make it all from something that is against the law. Yes it is against the law to have sex in the public and the owners of these stores knowingly allow these acts to take place, some even record it, so that they can make thousands of dollars a week and some stores make that easily in a day. These stores are open to the public and for some strange reason they get away with it. While stores like massage parlors and others get busted and closed down the adult bookstores do not. You can put in glory holes and this will help to speed up your success as well as your wealth. Glory holes are illegal in the USA but owners of the adult bookstores get away with putting them in, some of the holes are small that you can peek thru but they can range in size some are as big as toilet seats. I wonder how these owners can sleep at night knowing that they are an accessory to helping increase STD’s, allowing these guys to have anonymous sex with each other. The owners of these stores in turn effect our children and families. After my experience and research I truly believe that our tax dollars are hard at work to keep these stores open. After all you can go there and have sex with any guy in front of others and not get arrested. You then bring home the gift of decease to your family, and we wonder how HIV / AIDS is transferred to unsuspecting wives and children even the unborn. Where does this end? 

Some people will say it should be allowed and others say it shouldn’t. Currently the laws states it is unlawful but these laws are not enforced. If you are a government or a law enforcement official and you do nothing to stop these illegal acts you should be punished, fined and lose your job. If the country wants these laws changed then bring it to a vote and let the people decide if we want our country to allow this in stores open to the public. Remember if we decide that we allow this then we should all make money off of it and have stores pop up around the country in the numbers similar to those of coffee shops, convenience stores or gas stations – a sex store on every corner. What a great way for people to take a break at work, just walk across the street to the sex shop. Many already do this so let’s put them everywhere.

Now is time for all of us to call the Attorney General’s offices in our states let them know you want these stores stopped now.

Remember if we allow these stores then we should do away with marriage for everyone because the large majority of the men who frequent these stores are married men with a wife, kids and even grandchildren. Some with notable jobs who create an illusion to make their friends and family think they live in a fairytale perfect life all the while lying, cheating and stealing their families of a real life and sometimes killing them from within.

All of us here at are always posting and commenting on news and blogs in effort to make people aware and stop these stores and unlawful acts but one of our main concerns is to make it so our children and our children’s children have a society that is better because we correct the issues we learn from. Recently we received the below comments to posts we made. We feel that this only helps to prove how demoralized a lot of humanity has become that they have been ok with ruining and not fighting for what is right.