Over the weekend, there were two separate hate assaults against gay men in Manhattan in the pro-gay neighborhoods of Chelsea and Greenwich village.\n\nAfter several young gay people have committed suicide over the past several weeks after being harassed over their sexuality, NYC is under the spotlight after brutal hate crime attacks against gays. In one incident, two men assaulted another in the bathroom of the Stonewall Inn – a gay bar in Greenwich Village. The second assault occurred just before midnight Friday: several male friends were hugging and kissing each other good night in Manhattan’s gay friendly Chelsea neighborhood when they were confronted by a group of more than five people who used an anti-gay epithets and told them to go home because “this is our neighborhood,” according to a court document filed by prosecutors. Two other men lashed out with fists as Andrew Jackson hurled a metal garbage can into one victim’s head, prosecutors said. The attackers in both cases were in their early twenties.\n\nRead the full story:\nhttp://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/10/2-arrested-antigay-beating-famed-ny-gay-bar/\n\nSupport the NYC non-violence project:\nhttp://www.avp.org/\n\nJoin The Daily Conversation on Facebook\nhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Daily-Conversation/166739256428?ref=search\n\nFollow our Tweets for new videos\nhttp://twitter.com/TheDailyConvo\n\nAll images in our videos are from Flickr’s creative commons archive and are used under permission of the Flickr creative commons license and the full legal protection of ‘Fair Use’.\nhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/specialkrb/4399969974/lightbox/