The XXX-rated films are gone, along with the customers who trolled the Forum Theater on Market Street seeking public arousal.

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After years of making huge bucks off of smut and sex for pay, the owner of the building is trying to say “he never liked the smut business”. He is a large part of the reason why the morals in our cities are so low and had a large part in the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. If he had not of had these business’s in Philadelphia and New York perhaps the rate of people infected with STD’s and dying from HIV /AIDS would be less. At 87 he has finally decided to clean up his smut lord ways. Is it too late? I hope the city and state officials will see this and take this as an opportunity to close all of the stores in our state. If they do perhaps one day our children will be able to have morals that will once again be at a higher level then what we have seen in decades.